You Were Made for More!

You were made to prosper & Thrive
You were Made to Give Generously
you were made for success not struggle
you were made to Design your dreams
you were made for Abundance

Laney Houser, MACP, MAPS is the Premier Coach for Women who Want to Live the abundant life God Promised and create
A Rich Life of Freedom & Choice™

Coaching, Programs, & Retreats 

Let Go of ALL of the things that hold you back
Heal Your Trauma Patterns 
Embrace prosperity
Create Success without Struggle
Live A Rich Life Of Freedom & Choice™
Rearrange Your Money Brain 
Own Your Worth on the Inside
let your worth be reflected in your Bank Account
Make money without struggle, stress & strain
Live a rich life of freedom & choice
Grow Your Business Peacefully Inside & Out

success a new way...your way!

Design a life anchored in the most authentic parts of you.
Then show up in total alignment with HER, empowered, embraced, encouraged, equipped, and ready to live abundance in all of it's fullness.

This is how one visionary queen took back her life after burning it to the ground in a pile of ashes....

I picked up my crown, I prayed for a miracle then got busy living in alignment with the best version of me every single day. I learned how to show up fully alive to me with no apologies! 

There are only two people who can create a miracle in your & God. If you knew you could create a life of daily miracles would you? Of course you would. The only reason you don't create your miracles is because you don't know how. I didn't either and it nearly killed me that's why I am so committed to helping women learn how to create life-giving miracles every single day.

I went from crying at my sink every day for years to embracing a life of prosperity, peace, and freedom and so can you!

Are you ready to say hello to the best version of you operating from a new heart and mind that propels you forward with authentic unshakeable confidence while it transforms your self-worth and your bank account into that of an unstoppable woman who builds her business and her wealth with joy, peace, and freedom.

Abundance Is...

Living crystal clear about what you want
being true to you (100% of The Time)
ditching trauma patterns that keep you stuck
Making Money with ease & Flow
Creating Extravagant Success without stress
loving life every single day

Define your purpose with Such crystal clear clarity you can Taste it 
Create Inner Peace by living fully aligned to the true you
ditch the inner chaos that keeps you from fulfillment
Clear up the old trauma in minutes not years 
Activate a partnership with God for powerful results in your business
Create success from your divine strengths & inner alignment 
Embody the best most relaxed version of you and live from this place
get out of your own way to get what you really want without apology
Lead your business with crazy confidence that makes you a magnet for clients
Learn to love sales because you get to serve & love on people
outrageous support along the way


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Hi there

My Name Is Laney Houser, MAPS, MACP

I empower women to step into the best version of themselves and effortlessly rise into a life of magnificent eagle-soaring abundance while thriving in all areas of life.

I understand where you are at a profound & personal level. I built a million-dollar business but I was so depressed and burned out that I spent a month in treatment. When I got out and lost everything in my life. I can tell you that seven figures to food stamps is a long, dark way down.

Professionally, I hold two Master's Degrees and multiple certifications, I was a CEO, and a graduate-level professor, and I built a 7-figure business but none of that mattered when I lost myself and lost my way.  On the outside I looked great on the inside I was dying.

Before treatment, I didn't know life could be so different. I didn't know how real happiness worked, even though I was a licensed mental health counselor I didn't understand that there was so much more to life. I didn't understand the abundant life God promised. After I spent several years healing and rebuilding my life, I created a new business I love, restored my marriage, work with beautiful women helping them live in true life-giving abundance while I travel the world and live a truly amazing life. Daily happiness is available to anyone who wants it! 

Will you be next?

I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me". I was gained insight in the first few minutes with her. As we went she helped me clarify my vision & goals. She set me at ease, eliminated distractions & stress and helped see who I really am. I'm confident anybody would benefit from her coaching.

jody giles

former cfo, under armour CORP 

I never dreamt I'd be in the place in just three months,  I've gone from stressed out & overwhelmed to having an awesome mindset I carry with me wherever I go. I have a sense of being worthy & empowered. I have gone from having no business to creating a career coaching business complete with clients!

Andria McCollough

VP, TRUITY credit union

Ready to Ditch the Chaos and create an amazing abundant life & Business?

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