I'm Laney I Am wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreuners who want to elevate their wealth and abundance and flourish in every area of life!

I believe every woman deserves to have the success she desires without apology or burnout. Every woman deserves to flourish and enjoy a rich life of freedom and choice.

I teach women how to live in full alignment so their inner and outer lives match using my propriety RESET Method. This is the exact formula I used to design my own rich life of freedom and choice after burnout and loss. It is this method that will help you flourish in life and business.

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Through my proven RESET Method™, I’ve supported Thousands of women to design lives of joy, Create ease and Flow, Discover happiness, Enjoy quality time with their families, manifest wealth, and have the freedom flourish doing what they love. 

5 Day Wealth Activation
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Activate Your Abundant Life
Open Your Heart to Regular Money Joyflow
Heal Your Relationship with Money
Master your relationship with money with a playful ease
Drop the struggle and stress and step into prosperity with pleasure and grace
Create an easy going lifestyle to reach your financial dreams
Designed for Women of Faith

I created a seven-figure counseling practice, but I burned out so badly that I landed in inpatient treatment for burnout and depression-I needed a break from life. When I got out, I lost everything. I went from seven figures to food stamps and lived alone as I resurrected my life from the ashes. I didn't understand that there was a formula for a flourishing life. It is a formula that once you learn and practice, life becomes easy, fun, and playful, but if you don’t practice it, life is hard, and struggle is normal. Thankfully, I learned there is a different way, and there are second chances. I live what I teach. I designed a new life I love and now travel the world with my hubby of 36 years and help women learn the exact formula I developed to propel them forward, live their potential, and flourish.

I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me". I was gained insight in the first few minutes with her. As we went she helped me clarify my vision & goals. She set me at ease, eliminated distractions & stress and helped see who I really am. I'm confident anybody would benefit from her coaching.

jody giles

former cfo, under armour CORP 

My life is completely changed I am not the same person I was when I started working with Laney. The transformation is so profound that others around me have asked me what I did to change and I tell them I worked with a Life Coach who helped me see d live life differently. I am so grateful for Laney and her wisdom. 

Tracy Mulder


I never dreamt I'd be in the place in just three months,  I've gone from stressed out & overwhelmed to having an awesome mindset I carry with me wherever I go. I have a sense of being worthy & empowered. I have gone from having no business to creating a career coaching business complete with clients!

Andria McCollough

VP, TRUITY credit union

Ditch the struggle so you can Flourish And
design a rich life of freedom and choice!

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Inner-Outer Life Alignment 
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