Holistic Life & Business Coach

Abundance with ease
Success without Struggle  
Live Embodied & Aligned

Design a life and business that helps you tune in and anchor to the truest and most authentic parts of you and then show up in total alignment with the real YOU…
with beauty, grace and ease.

This is how one visionary queen took back her life after burning to the ground in a pile of ashes....

I picked up my crown, asked God for a miracle, then got busy living in alignment with the best version of myself in peace and abundance.

I am committed to living my best life every single day and teaching women everywhere how to live fully alive, embodied and successful.

I went from crying at my sink everyday to living truly happy, embodied and thriving. I was disconnected from body, my emotions, and my true desires.

I said good-bye to life destroying beliefs I didn't even know I had. I said good-bye to self-sabotage that kept me stuck in the cycle of frustration. I said good-bye to burnout, pressure, overwhelm, and stress. I said good-bye to disempowering beliefs and committed my life to living empowered and joyful every single day.

If I did it so can you! I know how to help you release the things that stop you and embody success & joy as your new normal.

Say hello to the best version of you operating from a new heart and mind that propels you forward with authentic, rock star confidence, transforms your self-worth, heart and mind into that of an stoppable woman who builds her business and her wealth with joy and freedom.

Simple Abundance Is...

Living with Clarity & confidence
Making Money with ease & Flow
Creating Extravagant Success without stress

Clarify your purpose to make an impact and income
Learn the truth about money so that it flows joyfully into your life 
Live from your beautiful feminine power and let her shine
Activate a partnership with God for powerful results in your business
Create success from your divine strengths & alignment 
Embody the best most relaxed version of you and live from this place
Get out of your own way to get what you really want 
Lead your life and business with outrageous joy that makes you a magnet for clients
Learn to love selling your services by becoming a beacon of light
Enjoy being supported along the way




Hi there

My Name Is Laney Houser, MAPS, MACP

I'm a holistic life and business coach and financial therapist. I empower women to step into the best version of themselves and effortlessly rise up into the abundant life.

I understand where you are at a very personal level. Professionally I hold two Master Degrees, multiple certifications, I was a CEO, graduate professor & I built a 7-figure business but none of that mattered when I was so depressed & overwhelmed that I put myself in in-patient treatment for depression. I was there for a month and lost of everything in my life. I went from 7 figures to food stamps overnight. It was a dark night of my soul that's for sure. 

At the time I didn't know life could be so different. I didn't know how real happiness worked, even though I was in mental health I didn't understand that there was so much more! I spent several years rebuilding my life, I created a new business, restored my marriage, travel the world and live a truly abundant life. Daily happiness is available to anyone who wants it! I teach people how to follow the joy first and let the purpose rise from the joy center of your body.

Now it's my privilege work with women in business and leadership to teach them to how to step into their divine abundance!

Will you be next?


I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me". I was gained insight in the first few minutes with her. As we went she helped me clarify my vision & goals. She set me at ease, eliminated distractions & stress and helped see who I really am. I'm confident anybody would benefit from her coaching.

jody giles

former cfo, under armour CORP 

I never dreamt I'd be in the place in just three months,  I've gone from stressed out & overwhelmed to having an awesome mindset I carry with me wherever I go. I have a sense of being worthy & empowered. I have gone from having no business to creating a career coaching business complete with clients!

Andria McCollough

VP, TRUITY credit union

Ready to Rock Your life & Business?

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