Letting go almost always involves forgiveness. It’s pretty hard to let go and still hold onto anger, resentment or frustration. Letting go is a moment my moment experience.  We can think we have let go and then a few minutes later up pops the trigger and feeling all over again. Triggers are something we will have until we have full victory of that particular triggered area in our lives. What we do them determines the meaning of our lives and how long the trigger continues to get to us emotionally.  We have a choice to allow them to fester or we can choose to figure out why they are there and then let them go.

Letting go is a choice we make when we are living consciously. In order to let go we must live conscious in each moment. If we are not readily available to ourselves we won’t have the capacity to begin to let go. When we live life conscious we can stop when we are emotionally flustered and ask God why we were triggered. As we allow Him to show us the messy places in our lives we can stop and ask Him for the grace to breathe, forgive and let go. Conscious living, breathing, forgiveness, letting go are all part of living free and whole. 

If you are struggling in this area, ask for help. It’s worth it, you can struggle alone for a long time or ask for help and shorten the struggle. Trust me it’s worth asking for help.  I just spent about three hours trying to figure out a technical issue and finally I gave up and asked for help and then it took about thirty seconds to fix. The technical assistant knew exactly what to do where and it was an easy fix. I could have saved hours by asking at the beginning of my struggle. The same thing goes for emotional issues. I know what to do where when it comes to helping you overcome emotional struggles. Ask for help, save some time, money, relationship or whatever else is at stake by continuing to struggle on your own.