I know how easy it is to stay miserable, we’ve been close friends from time to time. Like I said, I try to stay within my area of expertise when I write, so today’s post is about being miserable. It’s also fairly easy to stay there and find plenty of miserable negative company so this post will come in handy if you are trying to make new friends after all, “misery loves company”.

7) Be sure to find plenty of things that are going wrong with your day. Start with waking up, that can be miserable; especially if you didn’t sleep well the night before, begin your day by complaining about that. Then, find things throughout your day that are horrible. I’m sure there are plenty of them in your life, so just name them and claim them. See if you can find 10 awful things today.

6) Blame everyone else for whatever happens to you. I mean really, how can it be your fault, you didn’t do any thing wrong? Truly, all you did was wake up and do your job. Someone has to be to blame for all of the awful things happening to you throughout your day. Look around you there are plenty of other human beings out there to blame.

5) Never take any responsibility for your actions….this is probably 6b…they kind of go together. You can be fairly certain to stay miserable if you never take any responsibility for your life and blame someone else for how awful it is. Look at it this way, if you never take any responsibility for anything then you can be sure there is always someone else to blame for all of the horrible things that happen to you. That way your world can remain fairly perfect while you wonder why everyone else in the world is so stupid.

4) Think, even meditate, on how awful your life is. Especially think about how horrible your past was and how you will never have a better life in the future because of all of the bad things that have happened to you. This is one awesome way to stay miserable, you may not even need the rest of the tips on this page because this one is so awesome all by itself.

3) Where ever you go talk about all of the miserable things that happen in your life with anyone who will listen. There will be lots of people who are kind enough to listen to your misery, so be sure to be on the look out for these kind souls. Verbalizing your misery helps to cement it in your brain.

2) Believe in your heart and mind that everyone else is miserable too and that this is just a normal part of life. If you can normalize your misery you will be sure to stay there because you won’t ever know that life can actually be great. Believing that this is “just life” will assure you stay miserable.

1) Make sure you choose friends who are also miserable. It’s no fun to have someone tell you that life is amazing when you are miserable, so don’t choose to hang out with those people. Instead be sure to hang out with other people who blame others and refuse to take responsibility for their lives that way you can look out over all of the stupid people together and stay miserable together…..after all “misery loves company”…oh wait I already said that, well, it bears repeating.

happy misery.