What do you believe about yourself that holds you back from dreaming big? Do you know that God never stops dreaming for you? He has big things for you and He believes in you.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re transported to a time and a place where you’re living your dreams. It’s okay….daydream with me for a minute. What does it look like around you? What does it smell like? Feel like? What do you hear?

Do you remember Joseph? His dream was to reign over many things, including his brothers and he was not embarrassed to share his dream. Yet, he had so many crazy roadblocks!! He was trafficked by his brothers, he was accused of rape, he was thrown into prison and he was forgotten.

He faced some of the worst trauma known to mankind and yet, somehow he never doubted his God given dream and he never let any beliefs about himself hold him back. I know most of us would wallow in victimhood if we had only one of the things that happened to him happen to us. And…we would have many people feel sorry for us because of our horrible life and we’d be in counseling for years.

We would believe that we don’t matter or that somehow we are so bad or we must have deserved it or we would live in the constant trauma mode and believe we deserve nothing and live small.

But not Joseph he refused to believe any of the lies thrown at him, he refused to be the victim, he refused to buy into the lie that he wasn’t good enough, he chose not to take in any of horrible lies that come with rejection by our families. He refused to let the set backs or trauma determine his future or let his dream die.

He held on to God and he held on to his dreams and because of his perseverance God blessed him. He never let go of his dream and he looked for opportunities to step into it. When Pharaoh needed an interpretation of his own dream Joseph rose to the occasion he didn’t look at his circumstances and say to himself,  “I’m a prisoner, he thinks I’m a rapist. I have so much shame who am to talk to Pharaoh, I could never do that?” He didn’t doubt himself nor his God. He never made excuses and He held on to his dreams and entrusted them to God.

You can live into your dreams too. You’re not any different from Joseph….but you must refuse to believe the lies that you don’t matter or you’re not good enough or that you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams. You must choose to push the lies away and cling to what is true both your truth and The truth.

People who live out their dreams do not wallow in the past nor let it define them. They live into the future they press on toward the future and the good things the future holds and do not believe the that the past determines the future. They don’t make excuses. No matter what your circumstances, each day you have choices and today you can choose to do one small thing that will push you closer to living out your own dreams. What will it be? What small step will you take to move forward in your life? You can do it cling to God, hold on to your dream, look forward and do one thing today that moves you a tiny bit closer to living the amazing dreams you have inside of you!!

Be like Joseph, never stop dreaming, never stop believing God wants to bless you, stop looking back and start looking forward and do one small step today that moves you forward towards your dreams.