A few years ago I spent almost a month working in an orphanage outside of Kenya and it was one of the most beautiful times in my life. What stuck with me from that experience was how the Kenyan’s I met lived in the moment and were so thankful and happy for the little things in life. 

The stress we feel in our lives was almost non existent there, so what can we do to transform our own lives and live without stress or at least decreased the stress in our lives?

One of the best things we can do for ourselves it do impeccable self-care. And although pedicures and massages are wonderful, so practice them often, self care is so much more.  

Self care means we choose healthy things to eat, we live in the moment, we create movement we love, practice gratitude, have more fun, go outside, simplify our lives, decrease the sugar we eat, get some sunshine and breathe more…yes it is as simple as breathing more.  

Impeccable self care also means creating better boundaries and honoring our selves as much as we honor others, sometimes I think that we forget that we are people too.  

Do you talk to yourself gently with as much kindness as you do a dear friend. Be your own best friend and by doing so you will create health and wellness that will unleash happiness and creativity you didn’t know you had. It’s challenging to be happy and creative when our body feels tired and stressed out.

We can increase our energy and decrease stress by creating a life of impeccable self-care, a life where my care comes first. When we change our paradigm and see that caring for myself means that I am caring those around me at the highest level, self care becomes imperative,

because when I am energy depleted and tired it’s impossible for me to give my best to those I love. Care for me and my body must come first or I won’t be able to care for those around me. 

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to change everything at once habit change starts with one small thing and one small thing changes everything.  Choose one of the above listed items and try it for today, who knows today could be the start of something new for you! 

If you are struggling with self-care and energy depletion, contact me for a free discovery session. I’d love to help you discover what keeps you from living your best life now so you can live a life full of energy and vitality.