Last night I was thinking about how small seeds can be. Some of them are very tiny and yet they grow into things of great beauty. The human seed is so tiny it can’t be seen by the naked eye and yet with some nourishment it grows into a beautiful human baby and with the right kind of nourishment an incredible adult.  Greatness is kind of like that, sometimes it is barely visible and yet when nourished it can grow into all kinds of amazing.

Just like all kinds of seeds, the greatness within us must be nourished in order to be transformed into its full glory and live its purpose. Even the tallest of trees whose seeds fall to the ground from the tops of the forest are nourished by older decaying forest material, the sun, the rain, other trees and even fire. There is no organism on the planet that grows to greatness alone and we are no exception. 

Within you exists a seed of greatness that wants to grow and bloom into full beauty and potential. Maybe that seed has been trampled on or buried deep within your soul but the truth is each one of us is made to deliver great things to this world, to make a contribution that matters and blesses others. 

Even if you can’t see them, you have seeds of greatness within you that want to bloom into something beautiful. They may be laying dormant waiting for your heart to be soft enough so they can settle in and take root in the soil of your soul or they may be waiting for you to stop looking around at how the others are blooming so that your seeds in you can rise up and be the tulip among the daisies, nonetheless a seed of greatness exists right there within you. 

That doubting you’re thinking about while reading this will keep your greatness from full expression. Strangely enough you are not so special that you didn’t receive a seed of greatness and yet, you are so special that the world needs you to bloom and grow fully into your version of greatness

That little seed within your heart wants to live into full expression so that it can touch and bless the people around you.  Greatness is never just for ourselves, instead it is an expression of being fully alive that permeates the lives around us and nourishes others to rise up and become their own version of great. When you allow those seeds to be nourished in your own live and ultimately to flourish you give permission and nourishment to those around you who are longing to step into their own purpose and live full out and bloom.

What does it mean to live into your greatness? It means you are living your best self most of the time which is always the truest version of yourself. It means you are living a life that generously gives time, space, energy and nourishment to others out of the overflow of your own. It means you live in the zone of love for yourself and others, joyfully bringing out the best in others, living peacefully whenever it is up to you. It means being kind, compassionate and gentle, it means being faithful to your purpose and calling and to the people and promises you’ve made, it means exhibiting self-control and stepping into the fear instead of away from it. 

Greatness is a state of being and not a state of doing, although doing great things in this life will flow from the seeds of greatness within you. Just as a great oak tree provides shade in the state of its greatness and an apple tree gives us apples in its great state of being so will you be able to give good things to others when you live fully alive and into your purpose.

The thing about greatness is it cannot be lived alone if it does it will remain a seed. Instead the seeds must be nourished and grown with the influence of others. The giant California Sequoias the greatest living trees on earth have seeds the size of oat flakes, require fire to allow the seed to germinate and roots that are only 12-14 feet deep, it could seem hopeless for them to live out their greatness but instead what they do have is a dependency on the other trees around them, their roots wrap around other Sequoia roots and essentially they help each other stay strong when the storms of life come. 

Greatness never comes alone and it never comes without trials. Know that if you are struggling to let the seeds of greatness in your life take root, grow and bloom in your own life ask for help and nourishment. Look for others who have what it takes to help you bloom and be beautiful, others who will to nourish you and to encourage you to become all you were made to be. Find those who are living embracing life and living full out to be the gentle soil in your life so the seeds can take root and grow. Find those who aren’t afraid to live tall and big and connect with them. Find a coach or a mentor to link arms with you so that you can stand tall and live fully alive and when the storms come you won’t be tempted to go back to living and playing small because the world needs your type of greatness to flourish!

    4 replies to "Seeds of Greatness Lie Within You"

    • Marla

      What a beautiful, inspirational story. Your words truly spoke to me this morning. God did not place us here for a singular existence.

      • Laney

        Thank you Marla, never forget God has made you awesome!!

    • Donna

      Very good , always looking and reading words of encouragement, training, thought provoking , soul soothing . Thank you

      • Laney

        Thank you Donna!!

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