Did you notice how quickly we are sliding into February? January will soon be gone and spring waiting in her wings to bloom and find us.

By now you’ve had the chance to live your word, practice your resolutions, accomplish a few goals…or fail miserably, feel bad about yourself and your life, and give up.

I get it. I’ve done both this month, accomplished a few goals and failed miserably at others, life is like that, but what it doesn’t get to mean is that we give up!

Today is a brand new day a day to start or start over if that’s what’s needed. 

God’s promises are new every morning and we have an opportunity each day to grab ahold of them and live them in abundance or to crawl under a rock and give up on ourselves and our dreams…the beautiful thing is that the choice is ours.

One of my clients was on the brink of giving up on herself and her business earlier this month. She told me she was so afraid of failure that she was paralyzed and as a result, doing nothing instead of moving forward in spite of fear. 

So here is what we did…

We set up a challenge for her to fail as quickly as possible. Her goal was to fail 10 times in January as fast as she could. Sounds crazy right?

It worked because it helped her fail quickly instead of prolonging the inevitable agony of failure and she had some fun while doing it. Yes, failure is inevitable and the truth is the most successful people fail more times than they succeed. She was now successful in meeting a goal…failure…and she was further along than thought she’d be.

The truth about failure is that it is simply a stepping stone to success, just like you have stones in your garden. The stones in your garden keep you out of the mud and take you to a new place in your garden.

Failure is like a stepping stone laying on your path it’s designed to take you closer to the beauty you are looking for. Failure is not the end destination it is simply a stepping stone and sometimes a much-needed stepping stone so we don’t get stuck in the mud, muck, and mire of our lives. Sometimes failure keeps us from the things we aren’t supposed to be spending our time and energy on so it can be a good thing. 

We have the opportunity with each failure to turn it into gratitude. We can thank God for the things we didn’t experience because of a failure.

Failure is all in our perception or how we see things. So if we turn that failure around on its head and begin to give thanks for the things we were protected from by that failure we get to get our happy back and get back into the groove of our lives. 

So if you haven’t lived up to your version of success for January, thank God for what you do have and that he protected you from something you may never know what, pick yourself up and fail again as fast as you possibly can…one of those failures is going to bring you closer to where you want to be and it might even be the stone that brings you the success you’ve been waiting for.

The only true failure is giving up. Embracing the failure can be a wonderful and necessary step towards the beautiful blooms in your life so jump into life and fail big!