1-Step Back and Observe

The first step is to create some space from how you currently see the world. At a young age you developed a way of making sense of the world, you developed an internal map that has led you through life and helped you make meaning of the events and circumstances in your life. Later in life, you outgrow this map but often it hasn’t been updated so it’s still taking you down old pathways that are now dead ends or overgrown. Your maps are simply no longer taking you where we want to go. As a kid, you made decisions about how you would relate to the world but when your maps are not updated you can often find yourself going down paths you wish you didn’t and this is where you can become stuck.

Often these old paths and roads are emotionally charged which makes it difficult for you to respond instead of reacting. If you simply step back and observe you can gain a fresh perspective on the obstacle between where you are and where you want to go. When you step back you often come up with your own solution or are open to new ideas that help you do life differently. In the step-back state you can even create new neuro-pathways so that your actions become congruent with who you want to be instead of who you were.

2-Let Go

Transformation is a continual letting go process. Letting go is the way to release old beliefs and create space to adopt new ones. This is the place where you get to let go of the old map programming and allow yourself to explore new ways of being in the world, but without letting go of the old there is no room for the new.


Say yes and then commit to rooting in the new beliefs that reflect the true you right now. Once you let go of the old beliefs that no longer serve you, you get to choose what you want to believe instead. This is where you get to decide what is true about you and your life right now.

4-Take inspired Action

You get to decide who you want to be as you take action. Most people don’t go after what they really want because of fear. Fear stops us from taking action we say things like “I’m afraid of what people will think,” or “I’m afraid I won’t be good at it,” or “I’m afraid I will fail……again.”

This is not inspired action, all of these statements assume that something bad will happen if you get what you want. Who you are being while taking action is just as important as the action you are taking. When you make decisions who are you choosing to be? Do you realize that CHOICE is your ultimate power? While you take action ask yourself are you coming from a place of love, peace, courage and truth or shame, fear, blame, and victim? 

Who you are being is the most important part of taking inspired action. You can’t make good decisions if you are not coming from a place of inspiration or empowerment.

5-Set up Accountability

When you are making a transformation you must have both support and you must stretch beyond your current map. Success can be inevitable but you must intentionally set it up. What conditions do you need to set up for yourself to create inevitable success?