Laney Houser, MA, MACP

Create simple Abundance & next level transformation for your Business~renew clarity, Fresh Energy & Spectacular Success

Lean into your unique brand essence & create an organic pathway to claiming your power
Transcend your relationship with money so that money flows into your life with grace & ease
Create simple breakthroughs that lead to powerful transformation 
Nail your niche with my NicheGirlRichGirl™ system & create dynamic positioning so you create a market of one 
Activate a partnership with God for powerful results in life and business
Renew your sense of playfulness & a magical sense of renewing your mind, body & soul
Apply my JOYFLOW™ method so that you never struggle again
Enjoy being supported on your journey so you take the bold steps you've been afraid to take so that you can create the life you really want instead of settling for the one you have.

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Ascension Mentoring

Hi there

My name is Laney Houser

I'm a success coach & I empower women to step into the best version of themselves so they can effortlessly rise up into the happiness, success and abundance they long for.

I understand where you are at a very personal level. Professionally I hold two Master Degrees, multiple certifications, I was a CEO, graduate professor & I built a 7-figure business but none of that mattered when I was so depressed, stressed, hopeless & overwhelmed that I put myself in in-patient treatment for depression for a month and then lost of everything in my life. I went from 7 figures to food stamps. It was a dark night of my soul that's for sure.

After a few years to refresh, recover and recreate myself, I rebuilt another successful business helping entrepreneurs and professional women radically transform their lives and create the abundant life with simplicity & joy!

Success without Stress is Possible

Manifest Money and Business by leaning into your unique personal brand brilliance and essence and your money wiring and internal money patterns by clearing away the deep invisible blocks to your success.

Next level business creators are learning how to clear away the old money story and open up a fresh and uncomplicated way to let money flow by tapping into their unique wiring for success in a whole new way.

Clearing the invisible sub-conscious blocks is the number one factor for sustained and aligned joyflow™ in your life & business.  

When you are working on your next level of success, your mindset, inspiration, strategy and energy need to be crystal clear and aligned with your greater vision so that you create a business of freedom and simple abundance.

But sometimes you can’t see your vision clearly because you are stuck in survival patterns, working too hard, overwhelmed or following other people’s models for your success, which can block your ability to tap into more aligned and intuitive solutions for a clear vision for your next step. 

This is the wonder of the work I do.  I light up your unique path to success with innovative tools that directly and profoundly tap into your unique essence clearing your way to a higher level success, beyond what you may have experienced before.  

This understanding and knowledge is the secret sauce that can propel you forward, give you clarity, increase your income and ultimately bring you spectacular success on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Understanding your unique personal brand brilliance, your unique skills and talents, and having a clear unbridled strategy created just for you to monetize them is the key to unlocking your own genius and originality in business so that you create a market of one. 

You will tap into your inspiration, unique personality, and intuition so that strategies become crystal clear, and you attract opportunities that are above and beyond what you ever thought possible and joyflow into all areas of your life.

This is truly a breakthrough experience to an authentic and simple business that creates abundance in all levels of your life. 

I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me". I was gained insight in the first few minutes with her. As we went she helped me clarify my vision & goals. She set me at ease, eliminated distractions & stress and helped see who I really am. I'm confident anybody would benefit from her coaching.

Jody Giles

Former cfo,  under armour corp.

I never dreamt I'd be in the place in just three months,  I've gone from stressed out & overwhelmed to having an awesome mindset I carry with me wherever I go. I have a sense of being worthy & empowered. I have gone from having no business to creating a career coaching business complete with clients!

Andria McCollough

VP Human Resources, Truity


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