Money Mentor & Coach for Women in Business

Let's work together to Create Simple Abundance & Next Level Transformation 

Hi there

I'm Laney

I'm a Financial Therapist, Money Mindset Mentor & Business Coach. I empower women to thrive as into the best version of themselves & create 6 and 7 figure businesses they love. Thriving in life and business is the ultimate goal.

The good news is I get you both personally & professionally. I have created two multiple six and seven figure businesses. I know what it's like to thrive and what it's like to burn out. 

I teach women to thrive in money and business! Let's rise up together and make this world a better place.

my proven Joyflow system

Create Life From Your Divine DNA
Heal Your Money Story & Let it Flow
Let Abundance Flow with Ease & Grace
Crack Your Unique Money Code
Create Simple Powerful Breakthroughs
Learn the Power of Clarity & Decisions
Renew a Sense of Playfulness
Refresh Your Mind, Body & Soul
Be Supported to Take Bold Steps
Remove Limiting Beliefs
Learn to Create Abundance Joyfully
Create Wealth that Lasts

Let's create transformation

Circumstances Can Always Be Changed

The awesome thing about your story is that it can always be made new, refreshed, & redeemed. 

Drop the struggle and live your purpose joyfully! 

I work with women to help them create businesses with purpose without the struggle. No amount of success is worth your mental health and believe me I know what it's like to have success without NOT worth it! 

I teach women how to create life & business with ease and grace so that you become unstoppable in the most relaxed way possible.

One of the things I love doing is helping women make loads of money and transform their future in the shortest amount of time possible. When you transform your relationship with money you transform your relationship with everything, it is almost magical. So much peace comes with money work.

A few more things about me I love to daily hike in the mountains at home in Bend, OR, spend time with my 3 grown children, travel the world with my husband of 34 years, I'm a former pastor girl (nope not your typical white guy) at a mega church at the beach in SoCal (although I've had to do some deconstructing after that experience), I love the beach (beach and mountains are my happy place) and I love to play at Disneyland-fun fact I've been there over 200 times, I started before my first birthday. Yep, you could say I pretty much love my life everyday!

Claim Your Worth, Heal Your Wounds, Build Your Wealth

Activate your Abundance Today

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