Be Me Academy®

Transform Fear to Freedom
Hurt to Healing and Confusion to Clarity & Confidence

6-Month Transformation in Community

Learn to walk in freedom, healing, confidence, clarity and power to create a
life you love while growing in relationship with God, yourself & others.

The Be Me Academy is a 6 month program
Starts February 1, 2020

Cost is $983 or $179/month for 6 months.
Space is limited to a small group of women.

Inside The Academy You Will ...

Session 1:  Shift Out of Stuck

You will identify your fears, what holds you back and what keeps you stuck. You will access a new level of yourself and begin to experience what it's like to let go of the old, embrace the new and begin to experience healing and freedom.

Session 2: Experience True Self Love

You will begin to understand yourself and why you do the things you do. We will take an in-depth look at the enneagram and you will see the connection between why you have the fears you do and you will discover your unique superpowers. You will also learn how to listen to your internal intuitive side.

Session 3: Strengthen Your Emotional Soul

You will discover how to use your energy to work on what is important to you. You will learn to strengthen areas of your life effortlessly and learn how to regain control of your mind and emotions so that you can live your dreams & purpose.

Session 4: Rise Above & Fly Free

This session we will learn what true freedom looks like and how to experience it. We will talk about how to experience Biblical freedom, joy and true identity in our mind and body. We will also look at your gifts, strengths, values and priorities.

Session 5: Create a Tool Kit for the Journey

Learn how to dream and do your dream without distraction, overwhelm and burnout. You'll have practical tools to take with you.

Session 6: Let Your Story Be Your Masterpiece

Create a life full of your passions, strengths and most of all your story. Step confidently into the future God has for you.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you are ….

~a goal driven achiever and want to discover your true identity 

~wandering without purpose and not sure what you’re looking for

~A dreamer who feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start

~weary and need a solution to burnout

~isolated and feel like you’ve lost your identity

~a leader but feel undervalued and need to rediscover your why

~an inspired creator or entrepreneur who wants to start a new project

~an ambitious professional balancing career and personal goals

~looking for a new way of being and ready to take massive action

~feeling stuck because you feel overwhelmed, unqualified or not enough

    What do you get?

    • 6 live monthly group teaching and Q&A with Laney for 2 hours
    • Private Facebook community limited to only the women in this group
    • one private coaching call with Laney
    • monthly mastermind with 3-4 peers
    •  a few BONUS' sessions thrown in as we go 
    • access to watch and/or re-watch all of the video sessions

    Testimonials From Some of My Clients

    Candice Swiger

    Step 1

    I feel like I’ve searched for joy and peace for 20 years, I’ve read 100's of books to learn what you've been teaching me in these short months. I've let go of the negative destructive habits I’ve been living with. I am so grateful I’m learning all of these life changing tools. I appreciate you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Tiffany Dixon

    Step 1

    My mindset really shifted after coaching with Laney. When I met Laney I was feeling stuck and unfocused. I was worried about so many things.  Laney worked with me to walk in a way to own my choices and stay clear of things that distract me and interrupt my focus. I feel much more focused and at peace.

    Jodi Giles

    Step 1

    Wow! I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me" and ask really good questions in a non-threatening yet thought-provoking manner. From our first meeting, I was already gaining personal insight. She has a way of setting me at ease, eliminating stress, affirming my goals & helping see who I really am. 

    What is my investment?

    ~$179 a month or $983 one time 

    ~Participation of 5 of the 6 sessions

    ~Engagement in the community

    ~Read books or articles Laney recommends

    ~Engage in small group mastermind

    ~Complete the action steps each week

    About Laney

    Laney is a joy filled author, speaker, counselor and coach who understands the struggle to live a happy life, full of God given purpose. Yet its though the fire that she has become clear on who she is and is focused on her mission. She runs an online & real time community for women who are full of dreams and vision. 

    Her heart beat is seeing women freed from the grungies that keep them stuck and discouraged to living free & fulfilled as they walk out their God given purpose with joy and gratitude. 

    She has witnessed hundreds of women unleashed to live bold, confident lives. She will be your biggest cheerleader as well as your coach who sees the difference between where you are and where you could be and guides you to close the gap.

    She has been married to her sweetie for over 30 years and has three fantastic grown kids, two of whom are married.  When she’s not reading a good book or drinking tea she’s hanging out with her amazing family hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and just enjoying the great outdoors where she lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

    Taking Applications Now

    Identify What Holds You Back

    Step 1

    You'll be free to explore those things that keep you from living your best self, who creates joy, loves life and invests in others.

    Identify the Tools You Already Have in Your Tool Box

    Step 2

    You already have so many wonderful tools, you will identify those and pack in some new ones that will help your life flow  & make it easier to navigate.

    Create New Things In Your Life

    Step 3

    Once you've got the tools to know how to overcome what holds you back and how to let yourself align with who you are you will have loads to create. You will learn to do so with ease.

    Apply Here

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