Equipping you to live your purpose for the kingdom of God fully alive to your unique passions & power with confidence & clarity.

with Laney Houser, MA, MA, CLC
6-months, limited to 12
$997 or $185/month

6-Month Transformation in Community

Learn to live your purpose with freedom, confidence, and power & to create a life you love while growing in relationship with God, yourself & others.

Bloom U is a 6 month on-line group program
Starts July 9, 2020

Space is limited to 12 women.

Inside of Bloom U You Will ...

Session 1-Get the Ground Ready: It’s very easy to celebrate what blooms in our lives. We can see it, touch it, and smell it. It’s more difficult to see the struggle that went into that making the blooms. In this session we will explore what blocks you from blooming. You need to know yourself and be able to quickly recognize when you get stuck in self sabotage. You will set goals and take an assessment that will help you get to know and embrace yourself. 

Session 2-Nurture the Growth  We need to know exaclt what type of seed we are in order to give ourselves exactly what we need to bloom. We will look at the correlation between our blocks and our blooms. We will look at how our fears and motivations are often two sides of the same superpower. We will take a strengths assessment so that we are living from a place of power.

Session 3-Prune what Doesn't Work "A flower does not think of cometing to the flower next to it it just blooms." This month we explore how to cultivate our uniqueness with joy instead of shame. We will cultivate all that is lovely in our lives as we refocus on our goals, priorities and values.

Session 4-Fertilize and Grow This is where we get to let our growth unflod as we put the dreams inot action without overwhelm & burnout. We learn how to harness our own power while harvesting the strengths of others as we learn how to ask for suppor and outsource some of our needs.

Session 5-Enjoy the Boquet This is where we get to the beauty of the entire garden and how our differences make it more beautiful and fertile. Here we learn to cultivate support and community. You will learn how to establish and run your own mastermind group so that you always have community and step into your power.

Session 6-Bloom & Bless This is the place where you get to enjoy the harvest of your life as you see how your story shapes your passions & pursuits and how to use your story to bless the world. You will learn how to plant seed of inspiration everywhere you go.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you ….

~are someone who knows her purpose but has struggled to reach it

~are someone who has a dream but doesn't know the action steps to take

~have an idea but are scared to take action

~are an achiever and want to discover your true identity 

~are wandering without purpose...it's time to discover your purpose

~feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start

~are weary and need a solution to burnout

~are isolated and feel like you’ve lost your identity

~professional who wants more balance in her life

~are leader but feel undervalued and need to rediscover your why

~an inspired creator or entrepreneur who wants to start a new project

    What do you get?

    • 6-live monthly group teaching and Coaching Hotseat/Q&A with Laney for 2 hours
    • private Facebook community limited to only the women in this group
    • one 60 minute coaching call with Laney
    • monthly mastermind with 3-4 peers
    • a few BONUS' sessions thrown in as we go (one of them is an enneagram workshop for you to dive deeper into who you are at your core)
    • access to watch and/or re-watch all of the video sessions

    Early Bird Special-Sign Up By June 1 &
    Get This Special Bonus Workshop Worth $399

    Heal Your Money Blocks · Heal Your Life

    So much of the money world has a very masculine touch, which is great, we need to sturcture and disciline around money, but we also need the feminine and right side of the brain if we are going to have money flow be easy. 

    This is a mini-workshop designed to help you begin to heal your money story & to learn how to apply forgiveness to your finances so you can make more, keep more and give more.

    If you are going to begin to live out your purpose and dreams you are going to need to learn how to handle money and be confident around money and this workshop is designed to help you do just that!

    June 16, 23, 30 11am PST Via Zoom

    Testimonials From Some of My Clients


    I feel so accomplished! I never dreamt I'd be in this place, even in difficult moments I have peace in both my corporate job and my coaching business. I've gone from stressed out and no clients to having an awesome mindset I carry with me where ever I go. I have a sense of being worthy and empowered and I now have clients and a business I love.

    Andria M

    VP Human Resources


    I feel like I’ve searched for purpose, joy, peace for 20 years, I’ve read 100's of books to learn what you've been teaching me in these few short months. I've begun to live my purpose and a whole new world has opened up for me. I am so grateful I’m learning all of these life changing tools. I appreciate you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Candice S

    Small Business Owner


    Wow! I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me" and ask really good questions in a non-threatening yet thought-provoking manner. From our first meeting, I was already gaining personal insight. She has a way of setting me at ease, eliminating stress, affirming my goals & helping see who I really am. (I've worked with a few men too)

    Jody Giles

    Former CIO Under Armour Inc.

    About Laney

    Laney is a joy seeker, adventurer, world traveler who loves to empower women to create the best version of themselves so they can effortlessly step into joy, peace, power, success, happiness and even make more money.

    Laney uses her decades of professional experience as a trauma specialist, licensed mental health counselor, college dean, pastor and now life and business coach to bring you the easiest fastest and best way to transform your life. 

    She is passionate about helping women overcome the things that that block them from living their purpose, being successful and creating a life and income they love.

    She helps women unleash their lives to bloom big, bold and beautiful the way God designed. She has witnessed hundreds of women unleashed to live extraordinary lives and businesses.

    She has been married to her sweetie for over 30 years and has three fantastic grown kids, two of whom are married.  When she’s not reading a good book or drinking tea she’s hanging out with her amazing family hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and just enjoying the great outdoors where she lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

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    July 9-December 10

    The group sessions will be on Thursdays 11-1 PST on July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 12 and December 10. If you can't make a session you will have unlimited access to the recording.

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