Module 1
NicheGirl RichGirl™

You will use my proprietary system and get crystal clear on your niche & positioning in the marketplace to create a market of one-YOU. You thrive when you know what you want and your messaging is clear.

Module 2
High End Offer

You will learn how to create an offer that blows the mind of your potential clients. No longer work hourly, you are in business to make a difference! Here is where you will be the light and shine your light.

Module 3
SERVE Model of Selling

Queens do not sell, we SERVE! You will learn a model of SERVE-ing that makes you and your potential clients feel like they are the most important people on the planet, because they are!

Module 4
Activate Your Inner Queen

You will heal your money drama and activate your powerful inner queen. When you realize your powerful potential this is where you learn to thrive. You will be given a prayer that will change you as you surrender to God and let Him do the miracles.

Module 5
Market Like a Queen

This is where you live your most beautiful visible life. No more hiding and pretending you don't exist. You are beautiful and it's time for you to let your light shine and for the world to see you. When you shine you allow others to do the same. You will market with love and light.


Your wealth is hidden beneath your wounds, it's time to heal them up. Here you will learn claim your crown, heal those hidden wounds and build that wealth. Meditations, activations and affirmations that will lift you beyond what you thought possible so you can thrive!

CEO Thrive is for you if...

Have tried other things but now you're ready for the mentoring & coaching you need to make your business grow
Are Ready to say "yes" to you and your dreams
Have a skill, talent, idea, and want to make a profit from your passion
Are ready to have someone mentor you in the mindset and strategy needed to take your business to the next level
Know you could be making more but guilt, shame or fear holds you back
Are tired of playing small and ready to finally break free
Want to make 6, 7 figures and beyond
Know success can be easy but you don't know where to start
Are ready to live your wildest dreams and step into the six figure lifestyle
Have a business but it's been a hustle and you want it to be easy, peaceful and relaxed
Are a woman of faith and want more abundance in your life
Are ready to put some money in the bank & start living the abundant life
Have been in business for a while but you're ready to make 6 figures
Are burnt out from doing your business alone

Ready to let  your life  shine & create  a  business that gives you the freedom & abundance  you deserve?


Get clarity on your message, offerings, marketing & how to share your message with more people
Attract your ideal clients and make more money
Be held accountable & have the support to take massive action, launch new ideas and break through old limitations
Stop trying to figure everything out on your own
Have a strategy to get your business to 6 figures
Have guidance and support from a powerful mentor coach who shares your beliefs
Have a mindset that propels you forward to massive success
Break lifelong patterns, beliefs & cycles around money
Ditch money shame, business shame & fear of success 
Create a legacy for your children & their children
Find joy around creating lots of money
Live your full God given potential and purpose with ease, grace & flow
Learn how to create a high ticket, high value offer that transforms peoples lives
Learn how to create money again and again and again so you always have a way to take care of yourself
Ditch the visibility fear and show up for yourself
Let your light shine all over the place & watch your life take off
Break the lies that keep you from soaring 
Learn how to charge top dollar and feel great about it


In one amazing day you will get clear on your vision, bust through old limitations. Create your high-end offer, package it and get it out there in the world to start making money OR if you lack clarity you will work though my NicheGirlRichGirl™ system so you know EXACTLY where to find your ideal clients and what to offer them so you start making money.


While you unlock your potential you'll see tangible results and feel incredibly supported with each coaching session. You will bust through anything holding you back from your greatness and implement new strategies guaranteed to help you success in your business. Each 30 minute session will deliver breakthroughs and transformation in your life & business.


How to create a high ticket offer that transforms lives 
How to price and sell your offer so it changes both your life and your clients
Create branding in alignment with the true you so it feel authentic & beautiful
Create your own signature system you can brand, trademark & create a market of one
How and where to market like a queen
Where to find your ideal clients who love you 
How to embody and LOVE the sales process
How to create clients in your sleep so it's easy, powerful & fun
Live the abundant life promised you
Transform your relationship with money so that you love & respect it
How to thrive as a CEO
Templates, worksheet, checklists much more


Templates, Checklists, Workbook and Guides
Live Monthly Activation Workshops 
Meditations Made to Create Brain Change & Invite Blessing into Your Life
2 - 10 Minute Emergency Calls

Laney Houser, MAPS, MACP

Laney has built two multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses both on & off-line. She knows how to help you with both the psychology and the strategies so you can create a rock star business and a life that is full of joy, peace and flows with grace and ease as you lean into who God made you to be.


Financial Therapist, money mindset mentor & business coach

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