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Grateful for changed lives

I don't take it lightly the my clients trust me to help them create unbelievable results in their lives. I know that reaching out and asking for help can be crazy hard. 

But what I do know is true is that paying for coaching will change your life. I remember the first time I hired a coach for 5 figures it changed everything about my life from the very first moment.

I had invested in myself and just taking that first step brought me so much joy and confidence. Was it scary? Of course it was, the next part of the journey was to trust myself to do the work which I did and I have never been the same.

On this page are just a few of the hundreds of people I've worked with over the years. If you are ready to take your business & life to the next level book a call and let's get started.

Clarity & Confidence

I struggled with so many things in my life. Coaching brought me the clarity and confidence to change my life. My relationship with myself has improved which changes everything.

Shannon Katz

Business Owner

Clarify Vision

Laney was able to quickly "get me". I was gained insight in the first few minutes with her. She helped me clarify my vision & goals. She set me at ease, eliminated distractions & stress and helped see who I really am.

Jody Guiles

Former CFO Under Armor

Joy For the First Time

I feel like I’ve searched for joy and peace for 20 years, I’ve read 100's of books to learn what Laney taught me in a few short months. I am so grateful for the system of joyflow she taught me. 

Candice Swiger

Business Owner

Clarity & Focus

My life really shifted after coaching Laney. When I met Laney I was feeling stuck now I feel empowered to own my life and live free. Laney worked with me to create clarity and focus. I feel much more at peace.

Tiffany Dixon


Game Changer

It’s been really exciting to learn that changing one thing for 10 minutes a day can change my life. Coaching with Laney has been a huge game changer for me. I am happier and more productive in my life. Thank you, Laney.  

Juliana Gilbert


Clarity & Courage

I'm gained so much courage since working with Laney, I can't believe how many things I've done since working with her, things I'd never do in the past. She challenged me to create boundaries so that I could success in my business & life

Julie Schubert

Business Owner


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