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Activate your abundance, master the Money Joyflow Formula™, and take action right away to create a new relationship with you money.

In This Mini Course Get Ready To...

Learn how to jumpstart Joyflow into your life
Master the Money Joyflow Formula™
Embrace your money making purpose
Make your relationship with money fun, loving, & prosperous
Let go of what stops you from enjoying the abundance you do have
Learn the true meaning of abundance
Understand why you are not attracting money like you thought you would
Let go of the things that hold you back from making money joyfully
Clear out old money trauma & drama
101 ways to make money right now

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Let Money Be Joyful

Money is a beautiful thing, a loving thing, a joyful thing.

Money is a really good thing!

Unfortunately, it can come with baggage that isn't....dang!

I want to introduce you to a new friendship with money a relationship that is there for you, wants to support you, and wants to help you live your dreams.

While money isn't our Source it is there to support you once you are open to let it.
You truly can thrive in your relationship with money.

Once you understand how money wants to work with you instead of against you, how to let go of the baggage you don't need for your journey and how allow money to be a beautiful thing in your life it will be there to support you.

Money work is deeply spiritual, when we heal our relationship with money we grow spiritually, understand ourselves better and (most important I think) because money touches everything we love, we also heal important relationships in our lives.

When I healed my own relationship with money and did my own money work it created a stream of rental properties that my husband instigated. I smiled and was full of gratitude because I know it was directly related to the work I did. I simply shared with him as I went. This is the beauty of women rising. We bring up all the people around us.

It is our time to RISE & THRIVE!

I believe it is up to us to change the world. It is our time to create a massive impact on and we can only do that when we have money in overflow and abundance! We live in a time where we can create our own money with a few simple and cheap tools. Never before in all of history has it been so easy for women to create millions in a short period of time. Join the revolution!

To join you must master your money mindset and this little course will get you started. You could literally use the tools I give you and make some money TODAY!

This little course will introduce you to the concept of the Money Joyflow Formula™, it is a formula for life transformation that you can use over and over again in all areas of your life.

What Will You Learn In This Amazing Binge Worthy Course?
Seriously-It's Jammed Packed With Goodness!

Learn all the steps you need to take to master the Joyflow Formula™  in just a few hours!

Activate Abundance

Abundance is one of those things that we must actively seek and when we do it becomes effortless and joyful. You will learn some profound secrets to activating abundance in your life.

The Secrets of Change

We all have things that hold us back from receiving and enjoying money. I walk you through how to let go of  money drama. It's time to clear out the old and let in the new.

Timing Matters

Wrong actions leads to frustration. You will have step by step instructions for creating money now and later. You will have tools to create money today if you want to.

Money Trauma

Trauma response is a universal human experience however what we do with the trauma triggers is unique to us. You will learn a quick and simple way to resolve hidden money traumas that come up when you do this work

Make Money 

 100 ways to make money right now. You don't need to wait to make money it's something you can do today and again tomorrow and the next day. There is no such thing as a fixed income. 

 Abundance is for You

Whether you want to make 5K or 50 months consistently you must master your mindset around money if you want to keep it and build wealth.  The abundant life is a learned skill.

It's Your Time to RISE & THRIVE

Without money you cannot truly thrive and I want you to RISE & THRIVE into whatever kind of life you dream of! When we rise together we create a ripple effect that changes the world.

In Jumpstart Money Joyflow™ you will experience massive shifts as you step into action.

You will find that your spiritual life shifts in a profound ways. You will see your relationships shift in glorious ways and most importantly you will see your relationship with yourself as nurturing, abundant and sweet.

It's important that money serves you instead of your serving it. You will let money become an ally that can support you and work with you.

You will even find that you have more joy in other areas of your life. When you shift how you think about it and you shift everything. Get ready to jumpstart Joyflow™  in your life!

Hi Friend,

I'm Laney Houser and I'm so glad you are here. I've been lots of things in my life a mental health therapist, a pastor, a graduate professor and a seven figure business owner but the best things is being me in Joyflow™, a process I teach to women all over the world.

Almost 10 years ago I was lost in the pit of bitter disappointment. I didn't even recognize myself but I promised God that if I ever got out of the dark hole of despair, depression and overwhelm I would help other women rise up and thrive. I would teach them everything I knew about how to be happy and how to build a lifestyle of wealth.

On the outside my life looked great, I had a successful seven figure business and a lovely family but inside I was dying, my life was falling apart and I felt hopeless.  I eventually ended up in in-patient treatment for depression. Yes, even mental health professionals need help! I was there for a month and when I got out I lost everything in my life and to take care of myself I went to the food bank and got food stamps.

I spent two years doing intense recovery work and rebuilding my life. In those months I studied happiness and money. I was so perplexed that I had gone from 7 figures to food stamps I had to understand money.

Later, I had to keep good on my promise, so I started teaching women how to create joy, happiness, and how to build profitable businesses with joy. A seven figure business is worthless if you don't know what to do next.

So here I am teaching women just like you what I know about money, business and life and how it all works together. 

It is sacred work, it is beautiful work and it is healing work. Of all of the recovery work I did, the money work has healed me in the most profound ways and has given me a greater love for God, myself and others.

So if you are ready for the journey, jump in and join me to start the Joyflow™ of money in your life.

You are loved, cherished, beautiful and you deserve to have all the money you want!

Let's claim your God-given worth, heal up those old money wounds that no longer serve you and build you wealth together!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Much Love,

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This is for...

Women who believe there is more to the abundant life and want it
Women who want to create money but are afraid money will change them in ways they are afraid of
Women who are creating a business but are struggling to make the income they know is possible
Women who are tired of the corporate grind and know there has to be more to life
Women in sales and know they could create more sales if they had the right thinking
Women who want to create new boundaries around money
Women who are tired of giving all of their money away to the kids--I see you!
Women who are successful in a career but want to create new revenue streams
Women who want to deeply connect in their relationship with money
Women who have big dreams and want to grow them
Women who have seen law of attraction but it's not working for them how they thought
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and other Successful Women
Women who are frustrated because they make plenty of money but don't understand where it goes
Women who want a better life than they have currently
Any woman who has to deal with money in her life...that means YOU, my friend!

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