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Transform What you do With Money

Are you afraid of money "running out?”
Does it feel like there is always more month than money?
Do you feel like there is never enough money for you?
Do you feel overwhelmed by your debt?
Do you say "no" to things you really want because of money?
Do you feel anxious when you think about your bills coming due?
Are you waiting for someone to rescue your financial situation (inheritance, lottery, or marry someone rich?)
Do you feel like you should be satisfied with what you already have and feel guilty about wanting more?
Do you feel like you are stuck at a certain number and can’t seem to get past it in income, savings, or debt-kind of like you are stuck at a financial set point you can’t seem to change?
Do you feel guilty for wanting to be wealthy so you keep it a secret or limit yourself?
Do you feel like you have a "hole in your pocket" as my mother would say…you spend money as quickly as you make it?
Or maybe you just feel like there is room for improvement in your relationship with money and you’d like to explore it.

I was one of those women who always gave my money away, even if I didn't have it. I gave it away to my kids, my friends, my family-I loved to treat friends & family however I could and I loved to make sure my kids had the best. Money "burned a hole in my pocket" as I spent it as fast or faster than I made it.

I took jobs I was over qualified for and under-earned. I felt guilty wanting to make more money.

I didn't understand the concept that money is a never ending resource and there is enough for all of us.

I've penny pinched, scrimped, and saved, but got nowhere with that except feeing deprived. 

I believed the guru's who said to decrease your food bill, stop going out to coffee, and buckle down until you pay off all of your debt.

-Until I one day I decided to do something different-

I decided that I was going to do something I love and make money doing it...LOTS OF MONEY! And I did, I built a multi million dollar mental health therapy practice and then I taught other professionals to do the same. 

The problem was I burned out...BADLY...I ended up in treatment for a month for depression and when I got out I lost everything in my life. It was a super dark time in my life but I thankfully I am resilient and again, made a decision to do life different. 

I spent two years recovering from burnout and during those years I studied two things...happiness and money. I read over a 100 books on money, got certified in Positive Psychology and became a Master Coach. I also studied the Bible and what God has to say about money and happiness and of course, it contained the wisdom than science took over 2000 years to "discover".

Once I shifted my mindset about life, business, and money I set out to create a truly rich and fulfilling lifestyle.  I work when I want, with who I want, from where I want. I make I travel the world with my husband make tons of money, teach others how to live their dreams and purpose while living fulfilled. I work with the most amazing clients on the planet. 

Success isn't all about the money it's about creating a life that fits you uniquely, but it is hard to do without money.

One of my favorite tools I learned along my journey is called Sacred Money Archetypes®, it's a tool that changed my life, how I view money, and how I do money daily. Now I'm bringing it to you in a simple and easy to digest format.

Hi, friend! I'm Laney

7 figure business strategist, financial therapist, & money mindset mentor. I help women clear out the junk that keeps them from acting on their dreams and creating financial abundance. I'm excited to help you Money Joyfully™!

Are you ready to unlock your potential to earn more money, create money harmony in your relationships, and fully own your worth in the world?

Are you ready to get crystal clear about why you do what you do with your money?

Are you ready to release the inner conflict around money and create a money plan that takes your life to the next level?

Embrace Your Sacred Money Archetype & Money Joyfully

From the specific strengths, gifts, behaviors, and contract, to the shadow side & quirks, you’ll discover what makes your archetype uniquely fascinating!
You'll gain an in-depth understanding of your archetype so you understand your money patterns, deeply held beliefs, and motivations so they never feel like a mystery again.
You'll reveal your personalized profile, unlocking the secrets to your money patterns, and start on a path of reinventing your relationship with money in a deep and meaningful way.

I love this particular framework because each of us is a unique combination of eight money personality types. 

When it comes to your money, are you an Accumulator, Alchemist, Celebrity, Connector, Maverick, Nurturer, Romantic, or Ruler?

The exciting thing about this framework is that your unique path to wealth starts with learning how you naturally attract and repel money according to your combination of Archetypes.

The way you run your life needs to be aligned with your unique money personality.

Knowing and understanding your money personality will set you on your path of least resistance to more money.

Learning to leverage your strengths will make life and business so much easier, fun, and profitable.

Everything will flow once you know and understand your money personality.

You're going to love going deeper into your Sacred Money Archetypes®. It's literally game-changing!

What Are Money Archetypes?

Money Archetypes are a way of understanding how you are in the world around money and finances - how you think, feel, and behave with money.

They are all about how you relate to money and wealth.

Kendall Summerhawk, one of my money mentors and the founder and creator of The Sacred Money Archetypes® program explains,

“How we do money, is how we do everything.”

Discovering your archetype and working with it will affect all areas of your life, relationships, career, and business.

Once you discover your type you’ll be able to:

earn more money from your natural strengths
understand your unique gifts
overcome money your challenges
create the perfect role for your unique money personality

The Eight Sacred Money Archetypes Are

The Accumulator – The Inner Banker
You’re the archetype that makes things like saving, investing, and accumulating money look easy! You have a natural ability to create financial stability.

The Alchemist – The Inner Idealist
The literal definition of an Alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better through a seemingly magical process. If you’re an Alchemist, your way of relating to money can be very interesting indeed!

The Celebrity – The Inner Big Shot
Put simply; you were born to be a STAR! You have no problem spending money to enhance your self-image or status.

The Connector – The Inner Relationship Creator
You always put people and relationships first. As a Connector, you’re smart enough to know that the relationships you form can also be a “connection” to bringing in the money.

The Maverick – The Inner Rebel
As a Maverick, you’re marching to the beat of a different drum. You may not always be the most consistent with money, but you DO know how to attract it, make it, and use it to push ahead of the crowd, even when there’s risk involved. In fact, you LOVE risk!

The Nurturer – The Inner Sponsor
The Nurturer has a strong compulsion, need, and commitment to care for others. This can come at the expense of yourself and your own needs. But no doubt about it, the NURTURER cares about money and appreciates it too.

The Romantic – The Inner Hedonist
As a Romantic, the pursuit of luxury and comfort is extremely important and, quite frankly, the ONLY way to go!

The Ruler – The Inner Empire Builder
You LOVE empowering people and enriching their lives through your business as a Ruler. You thrive on creating, innovating, and building something of lasting value.

Crack your money code and transform how you do money for good!

Join  MONEY JOYFULLY  where you will discover so much about yourself and about your unconscious money beliefs. 

5 Beautiful Modules with Lifetime Access

Module 1

You will take the assessment that will crack your money code and discover your archetype. You'll learn your money strengths,  gifts, behaviors and contract; as well as the shadow side & how to use that to your advantage in your relationship with money.

Module 2

You will create a money compass that will lead your life and direct your steps as it transforms your negative feelings about money into beliefs that are positive and empowering, immediately feel energized to authentic, aligned action as a result.

Module 3

Pinpoint your money blind spots that are silently robbing you of your self-worth (and costing you BIG in missed out money-making opportunities). Learn how to use your voice to talk about money with the important people in your life.

Module 4

Create a powerful new money story to melt away internal conflict, outdated doubts, or limiting fears…you'll leave with a new, clear path that includes a fresh start to achieving financial success with grace and ease, knowing you deserve it!

Module 5

An eye-opening exercise to , illuminate the most dangerous money mindsets so you can effortlessly make one significant shift, resulting in no longer overworking, under-earning or under-charging. Finally, break your own glass ceiling!


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The Sacred Money Archetypes® Program  Changed My Life and The Way I do Business

I wish I knew all of these things before was super overwhelmed and lost everything. Life would have been very different for me. 

Let this understanding change your life too!

How to use your Sacred Money Archetype®

You might be wondering how all of this works in your world.

Learning to leverage your strengths and run your life in alignment with your personality is the key to earning more money without burnout.

Here’s how my money archetypes show up and what it means for me  – the challenges I face and how I’ve worked with my personality to create next-level success.

My three archetypes are Romantic, Celebrity and  Alchemist.

The Romantic is my number one, let's be real...I love luxury, abundance and to have fun (that's my "hey, let's have fun" enneagram 7 coming out for sure). One of my many gifts is always believing there will be more, but I also care about social justice and empowering others to believe in themselves and make a difference in the world. 

I also love to create money in unconventional and alternative ways, the truth is I'm always looking at new ways to create more money for me and my clients. This is the unique combination of my top three archetypes.

I have created ways to make passive income (that means I make money even when I'm not working). I have created efficient ways to run my business so I can travel and work with refugees all over the world. 

But I also have challenges such as rebelling against creating money goals and good money habits, and sometimes I spend to avoid feeling empty. Knowing that this is part of the challenge of my archetype has made me feel not so alone. It has eliminated shame and guilt and instead it's given me courage to align myself with an empowering money mindset and transform my life and business.

I've learned to be disciplined as a good thing. I've paid off thousands of dollars of debt in less than a year and I've found new opportunities to create new income streams. 

Knowing my archetypes have helped me focus on what I really want in life and not chase after shiny objects or get off track. 

I've also achieved some massive financial goals like buying four rental properties in a year and working to pay off the mortgages so they just create more passive income and add wealth to our portfolio.

I used to be so bad with money that I built a multi seven figure business but when I crashed I had nothing  and ended up on food stamps. I had built a very successful practice but I so overwhelmed in the hustle and grind that I put myself in in-patient treatment for depression and was there for a month.  

At that time I was so lost and disoriented that I lost everything in my life, including my business, home, family, marriage...everything important was gone. I spent the next two years rebuilding my life and I'm happy to say that a decade later I have rebuilt a life I love including rebuilding my 35 year marriage and a new business I love.  

One of the keys to the rebuild was understanding how I do money so that I could do it differently in the future and understanding my archetype definitely helped me do that.

I used to feel like I had so bad with money. But what honestly turned it around for me was discovering more about myself and what makes me tick especially when it comes to money. 

When I first discovered the Sacred Money Archetypes® back in 2015, it shifted everything for me. Because suddenly, I had a personalized blueprint for success and I learned how I could leverage my strengths and the things that came easily to me and stop my self-sabotage. 

How Sacred Money Archetypes® Can Help You

What I love about the Sacred Money Archetypes® system is that it really shines a light on what's already working for your money personality and your relationship with money.

Whether you believe it or not, you do operate under a unique money archetype and knowing how it's running your program in the background of your life is extremely helpful. Awareness is the first step in transformation and this creates an awareness around how you do money.

When you’re aware of your own special combination, it gives you insight to deal with your particular challenges and the pitfalls to watch out for.

You can totally change your life and based on these teachings. I've learned to make, save, and invest money based on my personality type, not someone else's.  

I've learned to attract clients based on my unique gifts, not because something's trendy in the industry or because I saw somebody else get success with that marketing strategy. 

I've embraced self-love and self-acceptance because I know what I have to offer is enough. Know that if you've ever thought "she's smarter, she's knows more, she's more connected than me," know that it’s probably because she is working with her path of least resistance, not against it and that is the beauty of Sacred Money Archetyes® you will work your own path of least resistance.

If you’re ready to start working in flow with your money personality, join me in Sacred Money Archetypes. Click the green button below to get instant access and begin your journey.

And I promise, it will change your life and your ability to call in wealth and success.

Your True Self is Your Best Self

It wasn't until I discovered the illuminating power of my Sacred Money Archetypes® and began applying them to each area of my business and relationships that everything began to turn around for me. I let go of beliefs that no longer served me and began to apply the program to my life so I could help me and my clients.

If you are ready to step into your true self and align your money with the way you were created, this is for you. It is packed with templates, worksheets, videos, audios, meditations, training, assessments every single thing you need to rock your relationship with money.

I've included a few helpful bonuses in this program 

Create New Empowered Money Beliefs

How to create new powerful money beliefs whenever your brain needs an upgrade. Specific steps in specific order to create new powerful money beliefs.

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Get Out of Debt Joyfully!
Learn how to release the negative feelings around debt and have joy & create a plan for debt release.

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How to Create
10K in 10 Days 

How to create money whenever you want and live your full potential by knowing how you will create your next 10K just because you want to.

Value $200

Live Workshop with Me in November

Value $500

The total value of this program is over $3800
for A Limited time only you can own it for only $297


Click the button below and get started right away!

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