Jumpstart Money Joyflow™

 Get A Quick Cash Infusion into Your Life

Unleash the Flow of 10K Into Your Life In The Next 10 Days 

Friday, May 31 

Learn the exact steps that willl take you to 10K in 10 days
Activate abundance into overflow
Release fear of money running out
Unlock the Money Joyflow™ Formula and never worry about money again 
Liberate your inner wealthy woman to live rich and free
Master secrets of the rich and live rich
Experience wealth as an extension of your faith 
Use the R.E.S.E.T Method™ and align with money daily
Create your own rich life of freedom and choice 
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Jumpstart Your Money Joyflow™ 

Jumpstart Your Money Joyflow™

Get A Quick Cash Infusion into Your Life

I will show you the exact steps when you join me on
Friday May 31 for this life changing workshop

Learn how to access abundance anytime 

Learn a simple process you can use immediately to tap into abundance, allowing it to lead you to more money and more joy and allow your life to flow with grace and ease. You will leave with the exact steps to create 10K in 10 days. Abundance really is simple and easy. It is a skill you can master!

There is a formula for allowing money to flow into your life

A simple formula provides actionable steps to allow more money to flow into your life. There is a science to allowing abundance into your life. God has ordered the universe to function in certain ways, and when we agree and practice them, the result is a happy, abundant life.

Rich people think differently 

Successful women think differently than the average woman. I will teach you things I wish I knew the first 40 years of my life but that I'm glad I know and you will be too! This is the thinking that will lead you to create your next 10K quickly and start the flow of money into your life.

R.E.S.E.T. Method™ 

After 35 years of working with women, especially as a certified trauma therapist, I was always looking for simple ways to help women get past the junk that held them back. I also taught graduate students trauma healing, so I know and understand trauma! All money stories come with trauma, and it’s holding you back. I developed a protocol I use daily and know exactly how to help you get back into alignment quickly and stay there permanently. This is the secret sauce to an enduring inner alignment and peace. I will teach my proprietary method for living a successful and joy-filled life in this challenge.

Leave with your future top of mind

Women who live from the future are happier, more satisfied and fulfilled. You will leave this workshop empowered to create a future that includes your next $10,000 quick cash infusion.

Hi, I'm Laney...

Financial Therapist, Money Mindset Mentor & Prosperity Expert

I empower women to step into the best version of themselves and effortlessly rise into a life of magnificent eagle-soaring abundance while thriving in all areas of life.

I understand where you are at a profound & personal level. I built a million-dollar business but I was so depressed and burned out that I spent a month in treatment. When I got out and lost everything in my life. I can tell you that seven figures to food stamps is a long, dark way down.

Professionally, I hold two Master's Degrees and multiple certifications, I was a CEO, and a graduate-level professor, and I built a 7-figure business but none of that mattered when I lost myself and lost my way. On the outside I looked great on the inside I was dying, maybe you can relate.

At the time I didn't know life could be so different. I didn't know how real happiness or prosperity worked, even though I was a licensed mental health counselor I didn't understand that there was so much more to life. 

I didn't understand that life really could be so amazing. I spent several years healing and rebuilding my life, I restored my marriage, work with beautiful women helping them live in life-giving abundance while I travel the world and live a beautiful life. I am so thankful that I learned the secrets when I did everyday I wake up grateful, so can you!

True life giving pinch yourself success is available to anyone who wants it! I love to talk about money and empower women to make more and use it for good while not sacrificing herself.  

Join me and let's RISE together out of the struggle and into success.

In this powerful workshop you will learn the exact steps to create $10,000 in 10 days. 
It's something anyone can do, including YOU!

Never fear running out of money again
Feel joy around money and open to receive it
Drop the guilt of wanting more money in your life
Release the money struggle   
Create supportive beliefs, behaviors around money
Let money be easy
Embrace the spirtual side of money
Break through your self-sabotaging habits with money
Experience wealth as an extension of your faith.

May 31 workshop

All you need the exact steps to drop the money struggle and find Money Joyflow™ so you can live a rich life of freedom & choice

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