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I once traded my voice for money  

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Money is the final frontier when it comes a lifestyle of freedom, choice, mindfulness, and peace. 

Most of us would rather talk about sex than money.  

Recently a friend told me about a man who'd lived on her block and won several million dollars in a lottery payout but was afraid to spend any of it lest he lose it. Instead he put it in a trust for his daughter. He died before she turned 18 and never got to see her enjoy it. 

Fear, shame, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, anger, and scarcity keep us from enjoying money and can also keep us from reaching our earning potential and living our dreams.

Do you want to trust yourself more, deepen your relationships, grow spiritually, make more money in your business or career? Money is the key that opens the door to all of these things in your life.

85% of financial decisions are based on emotion. Money is an emotional topic because it's never about the money.

I love teaching women about the real meaning of money and how to make more of it.  When you work on healing your relationship with money you get to heal every relationship in your life because money touches everything you love and is the only relationship with you from birth to the grave.

I'm going to teach you how to love and respect money as you write a new money story and create new energy around money so it is joyful, peaceful, and fun to make.

Money quietly underwrites every story in your life, so let it be a story you intentionally write.

You will feel resourced, grow your sense of safety, feel worthy, valuable while you grow your self-confidence, resilience and your vulnerability. Only good things come when we grow our awareness and intentionally create our money stories.

Meet Laney

Laney Houser, MAPL, MACP is the founder, CEO and creator of Thrive Leadership Circle. She is a leading advocate for women rising into their personal leadership, creating wealth, and making an impact.

A personal growth and development powerhouse Laney helps ambitious women to take charge of their lives and thrive. Laney built a 7 figure business using hustle and grind but burnt out so bad she ended up in treatment for depression and on food stamps. She rose again after a few years of recovery using a method she developed called Joyflow™  which she now teaches to her clients. 

She also once traded money for silence by signing an NDA when she was let go from a job she loved  She never wants any woman to trade her voice for money and she also teaches women to rise up and use their voices to be seen and make loads of money while making an impact.

She went on to build a multi six figure business helping other women create multi six figure businesses with zero stress and created a life of adventure, travel and fun. 

As a former counselor and pastor she combines her fierce love for women, her understanding of psychology, her God given gifts and advanced business strategy to co-create life changing transformation and financial success for her clients.

She traded her stress and overwhelm for quadrupling her fees and she’s never been happier or more excited to live life.



Joyful Money Healing. Explore healing and release beliefs that no longer serve you, infuse your journey with an abundance of mindful awareness and compassion.

Identify patterns & emotions around money. Understand generational, cultural and societal influence around how you do money.

Create new ways of being with money that empower you and bring you joy.


Joyful Money Practices. You will learn how to identify your deepest values and infuse them into how you do money. 

Gain insight into how you do money with the Sacred Money Archetype Assessment. 

This will open your eyes and help you understand why you do what you do with money so you can create some new habits and practices with money.


Joyful Money Vision. You will by now understand how money works so it will be easy to create a future that includes more money.

You will be given tools to help you create a future that sustains you.

How to live into your full financial potential-no more under earning, as well as how to price your services so you live joyfully everyday

Limited Spaces - Sign Up Today to Secure Your Spot & Early Bird Pricing $800
You will also have an option to bring a friend for half price upon check out, so grab a friend and sign up together.
*You must sign up together to get the bring a friend half price deal.
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9 months of leading you with guidance, support, and expertise to help you have more awareness, love, and intention in your relationship with money.
A structured framework to guide you on your journey. Each of the three steps will bring you a holistic and comprehensive framework so you can create authentic, real life sustainable transformation in your relationship with money.
9 Modules. Each module includes live teaching via zoom the third Thursday of the month 9:30-11 am Pacific Time, real life application, a workbook, as well as inspiration centered on the theme that month. There will always be a replay available for you to watch at our leisure if you can't make the time or you just want to rewatch it. You will be guided to go deeper in your relationship with money.
The themes will explore all the ways that money influences your daily living experience. It also includes an assessment to help you understand how you "do" money so you can appreciate your strengths and have some ideas to transform your relationship with money. You will uncover the nuances of your relationship with money with spacious time between sessions so you can integrate what you've learned each month.
A live 90-minute office hours each month with Laney so you can ask her anything! You will also be able to send your questions ahead of time in case you're not available or you're just shy and want to be anonymous. There will also be a replay of this available for you to watch at your own convenience.
You will learn somatic (body based) resources and meditations so you can stay grounded, present and intentional with your money as well as infuse your journey with a deeper self appreciation and a mindfulness about money. Laney was a trauma therapist for many years and knows there are many traumas when it comes to money and will teach you how to release them.
You will fall in love with money and experience how easy and peaceful money can be so you can earn your full potential with ease and grace.
I will also teach you how to stay out of the overwhelm and stay focused on your journey. You'll have enough without too much and support for when you are feeling overwhelmed.
This is a gentle path to transformation and a greater capacity for loving others, yourself, and God in the process. You get to do this on your own timing to honor your freedom, time and flexibility.

This is YOUR money journey, I am simply here to guide you with a framework, support and encouragement along your money work journey.

Topics We'll Cover Together

Get Some Healing In Your Money Relationship

How to get out of flight, fight, or freeze when it comes to money. Learn how to relax around the topic of money.

Uncover Your Sacred Money Archetype

You will learn your unique money type so that you can grow your strengths &  nurture your growth edges.

Create a New Money Story 

With compassion, understand where you've come from & create intention for where you are going.

Past, Present, Future

Understand the impact your family, culture, society has had on your money story and decide what to keep & what to let go of.

Money Joyflow™

Create a flow of joy when it comes to money so that money is easy, fun. Banish overwhelm when it comes to understanding money.

Money & Emotions

It's never about the money! Let go of the fear, shame, guilt, resentments...anything that holds you back from peace with  money.


Create rhythms around money that support and nurture you. Create a values based system for tracking your money and money out.

Your Financial Vision

You will create a vision for your future that includes earning closing any gaps that block your from earning your full potential & under earning.

Breakthrough Blocks

Learn how to identify and break through any money blocks you experience-quickly with grace & ease. 

And so much more!

You will leave this journey with a new skill set but even more important with a new mindset around money. You will leave knowing how to quickly change your energy when it comes to money, how to price your services, how to pay off debt without the stress, how to implement the profit first practice so that you always have money in your business and how to make 10K in 10 days if you want to. 

You will be supported to work though the things that come up for you around money during the 9 months we are together.

Still Have Questions??

Reach out to me via email laney (at) or schedule a 15 minute chat with me by clicking here I am happy to answer any questions you may have that didn't get answered here.

Limited Spaces - Sign Up Today to Secure Your Spot & Early Bird Pricing $800.
You will also have an option to bring a friend for half price upon check out when you pay in full,
so grab a friend and sign up together.
*You must sign up together to get the bring a friend half price deal. 
The Price Goes Up on January 18

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