Upgrade Your Money Mindset & Transform Your Life

Claim Your Worth, Heal Your Wounds & Build Your Wealth

Money was a struggle for me until I learned to befriend it, understand its secrets & decode its mystery. Join me and drop the money struggle & lean into the joyful life.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you fed up with under earning or being stuck at the same income level year after year?
  • Do you feel like you’re living on just enough or never enough for what you truly desire?
  • When you were growing up were you told that "money doesn’t grow on trees,"  " money is evil" or "you have to work hard for money"?
  • Do you find it hard to hold on to money or it goes out as fast as it comes in?
  • Do you feel guilty about debt or past money mistakes?
  • Does a lack of money hold you back from living the incredible life you dream of?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your job because you are too scared to let go of the secure pay check?
  • Do you long for more freedom, to be able take time off for adventures, creative projects, and new ideas? 
  • Are you scared to raise your rates, even though you know you could be charging more?
  • Do you find yourself constantly worrying about where the next client will come from?

If this is you then you are in the right place! 
You can clear your money blocks, create a new money story and go from surviving to thriving

Starting Tuesday Jan 18 at 9:45 am Pacific for 4 Weeks

Money Joyfully is a game changer for your personal, professional and business financial life.

Join me for 5 weeks to create a money mindset makeover that will transform your life.  In a recent Ellevest survey over 65% of women admitted that money stress made them physically ill and over 75% said that money affected their mental health. 

What if you could get a new mindset around abundance and money that will set you free to earn your worth?

Laney Houser, MA, MACP

Transformational Life & Business Coach & Mentor

Hi! I'm Laney and I can help you transform your life & how you relate to money.  I am a trauma expert and I support my clients to create quantum leaps in income in a short period of time.

I created Money Joyfully to identify and clear away the money traumas, beliefs and blocks that keep you stuck in the endless stress cycle with money and hold you back from your full potential.

You will uncover your unique money code and understand how this code keeps you stuck in your cycle with money and free yourself.  You will transform how you think about money for the rest of your life.

We’ll dive into your present, your past and your family  to clear limiting beliefs on a deep and profound level.

You will learn how to shatter your current glass income level & go beyond where you ever thought possible.

Claim your worth, Heal your blocks,  
Build your wealth

Money Joyfully combines video teaching, recorded meditations, beautiful workbooks, a journal to use daily, live coaching and clearing of your limiting beliefs. 

You will transform negative thinking and clear the patterns you have around money so that you can live a life of freedom from fear around money & increase your income exponentially. 

Money Joyfully includes lifetime access! You’ll have access to the course including inspiring weekly video trainings, beautiful workbooks, and powerful weekly clearings to instantly clear your money blocks, plus any new updates for life! 

 4 Weeks of Training

Four powerful weeks of training, live coaching calls, workbook and meditations.

Module 1

Crack Your Unique Money Code

You will take an assessment that helps you understand why you do what you do with money so you can begin the transformation process.

Begin with an assessment to help you understand your money personality and why you do what you do with money
Declutter your money & begin to see where it's blocked in your life

Module 2

Create Your Wealth Vision

You will create a life you want be design and understand how giving is the key to manifesting abundance

An inside look at what wealth & abundance really is 
Create your exciting vision of an abundant life, this is a key tool in attracting and manifesting more money
Lead your life in powerful alignment

Module 3

Discover Your Money Blocks

You will uncover your money blocks, learn about the different types of money blocks and understand why it’s so important to clear them.

You get to clear out the old beliefs that have keep you stuck
Letting go of your regrets, failures and mistakes – and those negative, critical voices inside your head
Understand the 5 gives of Money and how to use them

Module 4

Create a Powerful New Story

This week you will be creating a brand new story that will carry you into your future. 

Shift you perspective around money 
Create a new powerful money story that will set you up for success
Break through your old money boundaries

Claim your worth to increase self love & appreciation

Grow your mindset, clear out clutter & live abundantly  

Take action every week becoming the best version of you

Love your life, knowing you are living your potential

You Will...

  • Let go of past money mistakes, money shame & money trauma
  • Clear old resentments blocking the flow of money into your life
  • Increase your self worth
  • Overcome your fear around money
  •  Release limiting beliefs that are blocking you from receiving and holding onto more money
  • Learn how to raise your rates with ease and confidence
  • Shift your thinking around money so it supports you
  • Drop the guilt around spending and making more money
  • Learn how to be a magnet for money & how to shift your vibration
  • Expand your capacity for abundance in all forms (money, love, opportunities, spirituality, health & more)

Bonuses you'll get if you join today

The Bonuses in this program are worth more than your course fees so take advantage of them.

Bonus #1

How to clear out the money clutter and create money flow 


Bonus #2

What to do with your debt besides stress about it

$297 Value

Bonus #3

Pay in Full & Get a Live Changing Your Money Beliefs Session 

$297 Value

My personal money back guarantee

This program is backed by my personal money back guarantee! 

You can take this course risk free.

 If you listen to all of the lessons, meditations, do all of the homework and show up to all of the coaching sessions and get nothing out of it I will refund your money. This is how confident I am that this program will transform your relationship with money!

Money was a constant struggle for me

Even though I was a very successful licensed professional counselor and had created a 7 figure business money was still a struggle for me, it seemed like went out as fast as it came in. I struggled with severe depression and anxiety which led to in-patient treatment for month where I lost everything in my life.

During this dark time in my life I determined that I would not only not struggle I would learn to thrive.  I took the next few years to study what it meant to thrive, be happy and to build abundance.

I now take my education and years of professional and personal experience and teach these life skills to women just like you as a life and business coach and mentor.

Now it's your turn to thrive!  Join me in this first step towards creating a life you love. You cannot truly thrive unless money is no longer a struggle, let this be your first step!


Most asked questions


The program starts when you YOU make the decision to say YES to you and sign up! 

Live Calls happen on Tuesdays at 9:45 and all live calls are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience. All modules are hosted on an online training platform and are released each week.

We begin our first call is January 18!


This is not a program to teach you marketing techniques, how to build an online business or how to invest your money.

It WILL teach you how to change your mindset around money & completely change your energy so you change what you attract into your life.

You will shift deep limiting beliefs that will allow you to take different action, and you learn practical actions you can take in order to attract more clients and make more money.

Mindset is proven to be 90% of success, and when your mindset changes the action you take changes, and you get different results. This programme will help you create a new money mindset, manage and think about money differently & clear the blocks to receiving more.


Each week you will have the opportunity to join in for personal laser coaching in the weekly calls.

Laney will also be in the Facebook Group Monday-Friday answering your questions and providing support.


This program teaches you everything I’ve done personally around my money mindset to shift my own money story & up level my business & income.

Everyone’s story is different so it’s impossible to guarantee a specific outcome. What I do know is that if you put in the work, implement what I teach you, and you listen to the meditations, things WILL change for you for the better.

This work is incredibly powerful and I know firsthand that it has the power to change your life forever.


Calls are every Tuesday at 9:45 am Pacific Time. This is your opportunity to get some coaching. If you cannot make it live the calls are recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience. You may also submit your questions ahead of time so they will be answered and you can listen in later.  Showing up live is not a requirement.

Got more questions? Ask me...

You can reach me at 

© Laney Houser