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One-on-One Coaching

Bring healing and joy to your life in 90 days!
There is no need to suffer and live in misery.
I am a health, happiness and trauma expert and with my signature 90-day program you can live with joy and peace more quickly than you ever dreamed. 

About Laney Houser

Laney has the skills and heart to help you live your best life. She has a degree in Nutrition and Master's Degrees Counseling and Christian Leadership, Certification in Life & Health Coaching and is a trauma specialist. She has worked wth women for over 25 years and helps them live free. She will teach you tools and skills so you can coach yourself to happiness.

And she has heart....she has had her own struggles with depression severe enough to land her in in-patient treatment....she now studies the brain and happiness and teaches people how to live free and full of joy! 

Some Testimonies of People I've Worked With  


I feel like I’ve searched for joy and peace for 20 years, I've tried other coaches, counselors and I’ve read 100's of books to learn what you've been teaching me in these short months. I've let go of the negative destructive habits I’ve been living with for so long. I've let go of some old trauma and hurts and I am so grateful I’m learning all of these life changing tools. I appreciate you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Candice Swiger


Wow! I felt instant rapport with Laney, she was able to quickly "get me" and ask really good questions in a non-threatening yet thought-provoking manner. Her ability to listen and coach really showed when she helped me clarify my vision and goals. She has a way of setting me at ease by eliminating distractions and stress and affirming my goals and helping see who I really am. I'm confident anybody would benefit from her coaching.

Jody Giles, Former CIO Under Armour Corp.

Life Changing

My mindset really shifted after coaching Laney. When I met Laney I was feeling stuck and unfocused. I was worried about so many things. Laney helped me to change my thinking and let go of trying to control. Instead of living with a victim mentality Laney worked with me to walk in a way to own my choices and power and  stay clear of things that distract me and interrupt my focus. I feel much more focused and at peace.

Tiffany Dixon

Find out if one-on-one coaching is for you

If you are ready for a life transformation and you are ready to take massive action schedule a breakthrough session with Laney, it's FREE and guaranteed to bring results.

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