Rise into 2022
 A FREE 4 Day Retreat Experience  December 15-18

Rise, Refresh,
Reset & Renew 

Join me for 4 Glorious Days to Retreat & Prepare to make 2022 your best year ever!

In 4 short beautiful days you will RISE, REFRESH, RESET & RENEW at a time of year when you need it most. Let me teach you to step out of stress & into success.

This is time just for you!!!

Each day will help you to prepare your heart, mind & soul for the new year ahead of the new year so your are ready to flow into grace & ease for 2022.  Together we will Rise so we can Thrive in 2022!

Set Yourself Up For Success in 2022

Day 1 - Rise Into Your Best Self

Learn how to make life & business easy. When you access the best & most beautiful version of your feminine self life flows with grace and ease. Make her come alive & become a breath of fresh air.

Day 2 - Refresh Your Mind

Learn how to create joy in a moment no matter what's happening in your life, this is the key to creating a life you love. You will learn how to stop the struggle and step into joyflow.

Day 3 - Reset Your Vision for 2022

You will create a vision that pulls you forward into the kind of life you want to have. You will learn how to manifest that vision and make 2022 full of the beauty, health & wealth you desire. 

Day 4 - Renew Your Money Mindset

You will grow your wealth consciousness, understand your unique money blocks and how they keep you from living your vision so you can remove them and make the kind of money that becomes you. 

Hi, I'm Laney...

This is me in Cappadocia, Turkey living my one best life!

My best life is one of adventure, love and service.  I get to travel the world and work with amazing women who are all about creating success with out the stress, women who are doing what they love and creating their own best lives.

If you are ready to make 2022 your best year yet and to live your dreams join me for this retreat and learn how to transform your mind, body and soul and create your version of success for 2022 and beyond.

It's time to Rise & Thrive!

Join me for 4 days of refreshing, renewing, resetting, and of course rising above together!

In 4 beautiful days you will:

Drop the struggle rise up & thrive
Say goodbye to the things that aren't working in your life
Rise strong & beautiful alive as uniquely female
Step out of overwhelm & into joy
Create a vision you can manifest in 2022
Shift your money mindset so more of it flows your way
Claim your God given worth and grow your confidence 

4 day retreat just when you need it most

All you need is 4 days to turn your struggle into ease, flow & grace so you can
Rise Up & Thrive in 2022

All I need is just 4 days to show you how

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