God Sourced Women ready to DROP THE STRUGGLE & MAKE kingdom impact

Ready to manifest your dreams, create a life you love and step into the abundance God promises?


Divine Transformation for Your Life

Claim your sacred power to lead, serve, love, and make a Kingdom impact
Learn the power of clarity & decision so you never go back to uncertainty again
Transform your relationship with money to create money miracles with grace & ease
Create simple mindset breakthroughs that lead to powerful change in your life
Transform your relationship with God, yourself and others
Learn the secrets to building wealth no matter where you are today tomorrow can be different
Activate a partnership with God for rich results in your
Surrender to the divine feminine way God made you & become your own version of the Proverbs 31 woman
Renew your sense of playfulness and refresh your mind, body and soul so that work becomes play
Surrender to the best life has for you instead of fighting the good that is coming your way
Be supported on your journey to take bold steps and create the life you really want instead of settling for the one you have
Clear out the old money wounds, claim your worth and build your wealth. You deserve a rich life of freedom and choice
Understand how to raise your vibrational frequency so that joy becomes your new normal

Apply Now to Make Your Own Abundance Miracles 

Rise up out of the struggle, create your divine life & thrive

Get out of your own way, stop the self sabotage, learn my Joyflow Method™ & live fully alive to all God has for you. You can have the life you really want without fear, doubt and worry. Your dreams are given to you as a gift to live out not to keep hidden in your heart where they eat away at your soul while you secretly wish life were different. Life can be different-starting today!

closing the gap between knowledge & doing is the key to unlocking your abundant life

This is the secret most people never understand nor know how to do, but I can help you implement the things I teach you so that life transforms and success comes easy.

Get ready to create from your soul, lead from your heart, serve with love, manifest money miracles and love life everyday. 

Unlock the power of your intuition

In order to truly create what you want you must learn to lean into your own intuition and trust it even when it feels scary. Your wisdom lies within and I will teach you to unlock it and trust it.

discover the power of clarity

Clarity and decision making are ways of being that will transform every single area of your life. I call the "will I, won't I" hell on earth, so let's end that in your life forever!

Adjust your attitude

Most women struggle with anger, depression and worry together we will transform that to joy and let it flow. I will teach you my Joyflow Method™ to transform any emotion into joy in seconds.

master your money mindset

Money mindset is everything, starting now you will begin to think differently about money, to love and appreciate money while recognizing God as source you can find new ways to receive money-Money is easy to manifest once we master the mindset.

Activate partnership with God

When we realize our source is God we can do anything, truly anything is possible. You will learn how to activate your relationship with God in a brand new way.

breakthrough to joyflow

Once you master this you truly will become unstoppable. Joyflow™ is the key to a long, meaningful life. Depression & anxiety proof your life for good...from someone who knows!

create from the divine feminine

God has created you unique, different from a man. You will learn how to create from your divine DNA so you can access the gentle yet powerful parts of yourself and use them to create love, peace & joy.

manifest moneyflow™

Crack open your unique money code and how that has been playing out in your life, you will drop the money struggle and know that you can create it whenever you want to with grace and ease.

supported to step into power

Experience truly thriving as you step into the best version of yourself. You will have the support you need during the journey so that you are free to explore & create from a heart that's open & full.

celebrate your life

Life is a healing journey. In Rise & Thrive you will claim your God given worth, heal your wounds & create your next level wealth in all areas of your life!

all the tools you need to create an abundant life

Mentoring, training, tools, templates, meditations, worksheets and so much more to walk you step by step to creating an abundant supercharged business plus you will learn my Joyflow Method™ so that you truly create a life you love. I know how to teach you to create the abundance you want and a life your excited to live. Truly you will learn what it means to thrive.

About Laney

Laney Beeson-Houser 

MA Counseling Psychology &
MA Pastoral Leadership

Laney is a freedom coach, money mentor and spiritual queen empowering women to step into the best version of themselves so they can effortlessly step into happiness, success and joy, creating money from the source of abundance that never ends. She promised herself she would rise up and teach others to make a Kingdom impact after she went from 7 figures to food stamps. She will teach you to grab your crown & let it shine, and how to manifest money while you're at it. She knows making money is the easy part; mindset is the work we must master to succeed in life, business and career! 

Join me and let's change the world for the better together one woman at a time! Let it be you this time!

everything is in the program

The mentoring, systems, tools, templates, workbook, training, assessments, support, meditations, mindset shifts and one-on-one coaching to help you create the abundance and joy you know you were made for! Everything you need to create success on your terms and love life today!

Get Ready to Create Success, Abundance & Joy!

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