During the last recession Laney created a 7 figure therapy practice only to watch it come crashing down under the weight of overwhelm, anxiety and depression. 

Desperate and scared for her life she went to inpatient treatment for a month to help her sort things out and get help for the severe depression she was suffering. Even mental health professionals need help sometimes!

The months that followed treatment for depression were both full of suffering and beauty. She lost everything including her family, home, marriage, career, business and went on food stamps and frequented the food bank. Fortunately her story didn’t end there!

Once she got out of treatment Laney determined to create a life of joy. She studied joy from a clinical perspective and began to implement the practices of happiness into her life.  Over the next few years Laney miraculously put her life back together including her marriage and family. But she didn’t stop there she began to study and understand money so that she could make it and build wealth so that she never had to worry again about money.

Laney now teaches about money mindset where ever she can helping women understand how it works so they can create lots of it with love and joy.

In addition Laney has served as an executive pastor at a large church in California and travels the world serving people in underserved populations.

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Speak on One of Laney’s Events

This is a small sample what the speakers have to say when being interviewed on an event Laney has hosted. Join her awesome line up of speakers on her next event. To contact her about being a speaker at her event email her at laney (at) laneyhouser (dot) com.

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