Interviews & Speaker Gifts - Week 1

Nancy Lewis

Nancy J. Lewis is a leading motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, trainer, author, and registered corporate coach. She conducts dynamic keynotes and seminars on diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, leadership, human resources, and personal development. She is an executive business coach and works with CEOs and their leadership teams to help them transform and enhance their careers. She is certified in Cultural Intelligence and Unconscious Bias with the Cultural Intelligence Center. She is a co-author of Real Women, Real Issues: Positive Collaborations for Business Success, and various books about sisterhood, multi-cultural women, and faith.

Tanya Jolliffe

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, RDN, LD, CIMHP is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian, and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional who is passionate about helping people live a healthy and whole life. Trained and experienced in person-centered care, behavior modification, lifestyle change, and chronic medical conditions, she uses conventional medicine and nutrition best practices with applied wellness methods to provide tools and coaching strategies that IGNITE the change within for health, wholeness, and lasting transformation. Tanya has also published a mindfulness-based journaling program entitled, "The Mindful Me Journey: A 40-Day Guided Journal Toward a Healthier Relationship with Food and Exercise" to help people break the cycle of chronic dieting and disorder and can be found on Amazon. 

Jodie Randisi

Jodie is the CEO of COWCATCHER Publications, established in 1999 to capture and preserve fascinating true-life stories and business books for speakers.          She is a former school teacher. Jodie spent her career observing what it takes to connect with, motivate, and inspire human behavior. She is best known for her ability to cultivate hidden potential in marginalized populations. As a volunteer, she provides inmates with learning opportunities that lead to remarkable transformation and renewed proficiencies while incarcerated. She received the prestigious Toastmaster of the Year Award in 2017 for the work she does to establish and maintain prison Toastmaster Clubs in South Carolina. 

Chaundra Gore

Chaundra is a disabled army veteran, as well as a sexual assault victim advocate, a member of military organizations, advocate for service members in the US Army, and brand ambassador  for womenChaundra is currently a contributing writer in the Aspiring Authors Magazine.  Chaundra authored her first book last January 2019 «I Am A Lens Of Faith», after becoming a co-author on her first anthology «We Are Women of Substance». She is also a co-author in «Lift, Launch, Lead», «Unleashing the Roar», co-author in «100 Words of Inspiration», co-author «Queens Supporting Queens» Anthology, «Road to Freedom- Suicide» and the Visionary Author of Focused & Aligned Anthology Part I & II

Erin Herrigan

Erin Harrigan is a Christian wife, mom, speaker/coach, helping women tune out the world, tune into God's truth and turn up focus to redefine hustle & pursue success God's way.

Kathy Bruins

Kathy Bruins helps writers and authors take the next step in their journey through consultation, teaching, coaching, and praying. Kathy has a freelance business and is the founder of The Well Ministries for Christian Creatives. She is the CEO of The Well Publishers. Prayer is important to Kathy. She has led many organizations in corporate prayer. Kathy serves as President of Word Weavers West Michigan. Her speaking topics include The Book Proposal Studio, One Sheet Studio, and other helpful writing workshops. She speaks God’s truth in various topics regarding growing in faith, leadership, prayer and writing topics. Contact her through or

Joan Munro

Joan brings a wealth of life and work experiences to her role as a Certified Professional Life Coach. Having served in the educational field in a variety of positions, Joan has always been committed to authentic interactions, personal relationships and community service. Her faith in God is a driving focus and force that propels her to serve God and minister to others, using her gifts of joy, encouragement and optimism. Joan loves to be outdoors, savoring the beautiful variations of God's creativity in people and places. She loves to be engaged with family, food, friends, fellowship and fun!

La'Toya Haley-Haynes

La’Toya Haley-Haynes is a Certified Christian Life Coach who helps women move from confrontation and confusion to confidence and connections when it comes to healthy relationships (both natural and spiritual).                                   She supports them in building their legacy of becoming good stewards of what they have been blessed with through active listening, discovery, faith, and questioning.

Forshia Ross

Forshia Ross will be the first to tell you that she never would have thought, in 1979, as she was ushered through the locked doors of the mental ward and admitted, one day she would be a speaker, author, and head of an international ministry. Coming from a background of poverty, physical and sexual abuse, and drugs, God would take her before those in high places, as well as those struggling as she has, to share the personal hope that is found in God. Forshia is the author of two books: No Secondhand Rose, My Name is Forshia and The Wilderness Shall Blossom like the Rose, which chronicles her healing journey. Presently her life story is being made into a documentary by award winning Dr. Kevin McAfee who produced and directed End of the Spear.

Ruth Falk

You know how sexually Betrayed Spouses feel traumatized and in pain?            There is a lot of emotional and religious trauma that can cause them to feel not good enough. I show them how to heal from physical, emotional, and religious trauma and betrayal pain permanently so that they can move on quickly to have a better relationship or fulfilling life they are destined to live.