Interviews & Gifts - Week 3

Jenice Paige

My name is Jeniece Paige from Dallas, Texas. I'm a wife, daughters, sister and a friend to many. I help people change their lifestyle. build confidence and  feel good about themselves.  I also help clients take control of diabetes, blood pressure and many other underlineissues.  

Becky Beasley

Also Your Daughters is a podcast platform run by Becki Beasley, a millennial wife, mother, ex-pastor, friend, writer, photographer, woman, who is trying to make sense of the world around her which includes church hurt, faith deconstruction and theology, motherhood and marriage, feminism and overall life survival and how to get into life thriving. Becki wants to offer hope to people who think they're alone.

Melissa Pierce

Meet Rev. Melissa Pearce… …an ordained reverend, evangelistic preacher, dynamic speaker, accomplished author, inspirational encourager, devoted teacher, spiritual leader, and a woman after God’s heart.As a spiritual life coach, Melissa’s primary focus is to enrich the lives of women through her Empowerment Mentoring Program. Her heart’s desire is for women to know their identity in Jesus Christ and to see their self-worth through His eyes.

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a clinically trained Soul-Led Leadership Coach to ambitious highly sensitive professional women leaders. She is also the host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast and founder of the Self-Care Summit: Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Personal Life. Over the last seventeen years she has coached, guided and collaborated with over a 1,000 women. She helps women end overwhelm and self-doubt, so they can lead with calm, confidence, and connection.

Jill Riley

Jill’s work has included more than twenty years as a minister, serving as both pastor and consultant in many different denominations. Her entrepreneurial spirit and pastors heart led her to start 3 churches in Washington and Montana. She is also a business consultant specializing in strategic planning and organizational development.

Jill Riley is an excellent communicator both in person and in print.  A popular speaker/teacher she shares stories that speak with honesty and raw vulnerability on the topics of faith, mental illness, parenting and life as a broken women in need of grace.

Marta Greenman

Marta is the founder of Words of Grace & Truth ministries, which is solely dedicated to teaching God's truth to the nations and teaching others to do the same. She is a gifted teacher, speaker and expositor of God’s Word. You can find her Bible studies and other ministry materials at wogt. org. Her latest adventure is GraceAndTruthRadio.World (GTRW), a global radio outreach to the world with God’s message of grace and truth. You can hear her show, Under God with co-host Maureen Maldonado, on GTRW, Monday’s at 3:30pm CST. The passion of her ministry, regardless of the nation she may be in, is teaching God’s Word and equipping others to teach.

Chavon Thomas

Chavon is an Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, Leadership and Life Coach, and Talk Show Host. She is the CEO of Purpose Unwrapped, LLC and non-profit Power and Grace Leaders, Inc. Also a board member- COO- of an Accreditation organization- Governing Council. Chavon is affectionally known as the Fire Leadership Coach. She marries practical and spiritual tools to empower and equip kingdom people to lead in the world. Formerly a high school educator, her mission is now to help Kingdom people Break Fear, Build Faith, and Lead Confidently online and beyond.  She has been featured as a speaker on ABC news, TCT Today, Virginia Wesleyan University, and at conferences and other events such as globally recognized Comeback Champion Summit and Sister Leads Conference. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon, and she has been a part of 7 anthologies. 

Leeza Steindorf

As a premier thought leader for corporations, executives and statesmen and women for over 20 years in 35+ countries, Leezá helps women achieve clarity amid confusion, simplify structures out of complexity, and transform tension into crystalized roadmaps for extraordinary results. Her programs "The CORE of Female Leadership" and "Woman Undaunted Masterclass" serve exquisite female leaders worldwide. Leezá is an executive coach for the Forbes Coaches Council, a Canfield Success Trainer, former Tony Robbins Results Coach and host of the public TV show “Live With Leezá”. Her certifications include ICF Executive and Life Coach, Trainer and Group Facilitator, Mediator and NonViolent Communication Trainer. Leezá holds a degree in Business Management and her CORE Success™ trainings are internationally acclaimed and accredited. “Leezá is like a laser through the fog, bright and illuminating.” United States Senator Diane Allen, Author of the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act

Donna Kent

After a 25 Year career in the corporate world running large businesses for Xerox, I set my sights on small and growth businesses. Recruited for the CEO role for one of the state's largest Associations I set the groundwork for technology innovation in Arizona. After running a business in the women's prison I started to engage in ministry work locally and around the globe with a keen interest in women and orphans in Africa. I sponsor several young people in Africa taking them out of extreme poverty. After years of mentoring and people development, I decided to grow businesses through people. I founded my consulting business 4 years ago which includes peer advisory for CEO and business owners with the Global best, Vistage. Having the Vistage global brand and superb content alongside, we accelerate growth 2.2 times faster and bring forth new generation leaders to meet the challenges of today's diverse business climate.