Zone in on one specific area of your business & refresh it in one day or take a few days & design your entire business so you are up and going & ready for success. This is a great way to jumpstart your business & get things done & also to renew your Motivation & love for your business


This is one way to quickly shift your money mindset as we work it out in one day. or we can work on hammering down a Niche or Working on your branding & uncovering what keeps you from making the money you deserve. We pick one topic and spend a day immersed in changing your business!


travel to tuscany, southern france, ireland, turkey or even Bend, OR anywhere your heart desires. I plan it & we meet up to really dive in to your business away from your routine so you can create without any distractions & also spend some time soaking in some beauty & r&r! 

i love VIP days because it is super Focused time for you to pump some love into your business & jumpstart money flowing into your life in a much bigger way

Travel with me to some amazing places!

These photos were taken in Lisbon, Portugal enjoying the enchanted country on the shores of the Western Atlantic & Turkey swimming in the same pools that Cleopatra swam in enjoying the healing waters of Pamukkale. 

Want to join me for an exotic VIP trip where we work your business and play in the beauty of God's creation? 

Maybe you're not ready to travel but you are ready to make some serious money so book an on-line VIP day and we will hammer out your business plan or shift your mindset around money!

vip days

online or on location

The benefits A VIP day

You get a jumpstart on your business
You get your business started or revamped in a few hours 
You can focus intensely on one thing to save you days of work
You inject a dose of high intensity motivation into your business
You have one-on-one support to walk though your ideas and implement them
Choose on-location and experience exhillarating 
Choose on-line and 
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I've traveled with Laney and all I can say is she is an amazing traveler, super experienced and she's always up for an adventure whether it's a camel ride in Dubai or a hot air balloon in Turkey you will have a blast.

devante B

development director

Ready to take a deep dive into your business & life? Apply to work with laney on a vIP Day.

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