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Master Money Gracefully

Money is the longest relationship we have here on earth. It starts the moment we are born and lasts until we breathe our last. It is a relationship that is emotionally charged for most people.

It is a relationship that is often neglected and even discarded as we give it away carelessly and get into debt or down to our last penny every month.

However, it has the potential to be a wonderful and healing relationship if we want it to be. I truly believe that we can heal our lives when we heal our relationship with money. Money is a beautiful vehicle to reach and heal all of the other relationships in our lives.

Most of the money advice out there is very masculine and takes a certain amount of left brain attention to navigate well and because of this many of us don't. I teach money from a right brained perspective to truly heal and change the way you think about your relationship with money so that you can make more, keep more and change the world with it.

I've been in debt twice and gotten myself out twice including once when I owned a multiple six figure business. It doesn't matter how much you make if you don't relate to it with care and kindness. 

The second time I knew I had to do something drastically different so I did and now I teach all of the many things I've learned as a maserful way to gain mental health, confidence and healing.

Join me later this summer for a live 5-Week Session to heal your money blocks, bloom your life and bless the world. 

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